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my sleeping kitten

March 28, 2018
By candygavin19 BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
candygavin19 BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Well sitting down with my fiancé as he falls asleep on me. I started to play a game but what’s boring isn’t my fiancé asleep but the game. My fiancé looks like a cute kitten when he is asleep it makes me want to tease him, bully him, and mess with him. When he wakes his will teases me back and tickles me. I’ll laugh so hard ill cry from laughed remembering I’m so happy to take a boring moment with him into a fun one. He sees me for me he is my angle I love him he pools me from darkness and bring me to the light like a bright star in a bright a beautiful galaxy. Our love makes a supernova within space.

Our love will never die out our love ignite forever on fire like a phoenix we both sore the sky with each other hand and hand. When we die I wish we sitting in that boring moment where you are sleeping on with your annoying bread. I love seeing you sleep in peace right next to me you calm my heart. You make me believe true love is possible. even when I die ill love you forever you are my sea, my heart, my angel, my king, my demon, my past, my future, my soul, my first and only love. You are the other part of my heart without you I’m no longer human. You make me feel alive you make me feel like a normal person that I’m not the weirdest person live you make me feel I can do anything. If we do it together our two hearts are one big beating heart our love will never die. I’m your crazy and your my weirdo to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death does us part. We will be together even in the afterlife sitting holding hands while you sleep next to me with your kitten face. I’ll be forever happy with you next to me holding hand under the stars. You are my sleeping kitten and ill love this boring moment for the rest of my life. Good night my teddy bear, my sleeping kitten, my angel-demon, my forever pure rose.

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It about my fiance and my time with him

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