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March 27, 2018
By blairstgermain BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
blairstgermain BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
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Once someone’s fifteenth birthday passes, they are able to get their permit as long as the have taken driver’s ed.  At my school, students take the course of driver’s ed. In driver’s ed they learn the rules or knowledge part of driving, then they have to learn how to actually drive. A problem is that the faculty incharge of driver’s ed takes at least three months after someone’s birthday to call them in, so they can drive to get their permit.  The issue is a teacher will tell a girl in driver’s ed she will be called in to drive soon, and then when it comes time for her to be able to get her permit, they still have not called her in. Now this student has to wait over two months to get her permit.  For example, my friend’s birthday is August tenth, but they did not call her to drive until January nineteenth.  Now, my friend will not be able to get her permit until she is finished driving around two weeks, maybe even three, after they called her.  Since they did not call my friend in until January, she had to get her permit six months after that date she could have gotten it. This causes girls to become aggravated and keep asking the teachers when they can drive. This is an issue because it is annoying for the girls who could have had their permits six months before they actually got it.

The cause of this problem is not that there is not enough cars because they have around five driver’s ed cars, but it is that there is not enough teachers driving people around and they take the process too slow.  To fix the situation of not having enough teachers, my school can hire more teachers to teach driver’s ed.  The more teachers they have, the more students they can take driving and the less aggravated the students will be.  The less aggravated the students are, the less they will be asking teachers when they are driving, helping these teachers to not be so stressed. To fix the issue of the process being too slow, my school can hire new teachers.  Most of the teachers teaching driver’s ed and driving students around are coaches of sports, which takes up most of their time.  Because of this, they sometimes struggle finding a time to drive that fits both the teacher’s busy coaching schedule and the girl’s busy school and homework schedules.  Having new teachers who are not so busy will quicken up the process and help a girl to get her permit earlier.  My school can hire new teachers who are not as busy and have more time to take girls driving.  Getting more teachers, whose schedules are not as packed, will help a girl to finish the process in less than a week and be called in quick.  With new and more teachers who are not as busy, the process will speed up and have girls being called less than a week after their birthday.  Also, a student will be done driving and able to get her permit around a week after she starts to drive with the instructor.  This solution would help students to not become so aggravated with the process and actually get their permit on time.

The solution of getting new and more teachers with less busy schedules will help the issue of the process to get a girl’s permit speed up.  New teachers with less busy schedules will cause the driving process to speed up.  For example, a girl can finish all of her driving and get her permit on Friday if she drives for two hours everyday Monday through Thursday.  More teachers will help the problem to, because the more teachers we have, the more students that can drive.  For example, if there is five teachers they can each take a car and drive all five girls. This will have five students getting their permits by the end of the week. Therefore these solutions will help the driving process to speed up and help girls to finally get their permits on time.

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