A Letter to the One I'm Leaving Behind

March 17, 2018
By pratibha31 BRONZE, Mumbai, Other
pratibha31 BRONZE, Mumbai, Other
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Dear X,

It's not very difficult to identify me as a happy-go-lucky personality. I always make sure I talk to everyone possible and that I am always there for them irrespective of their views about me. I think I also have a very poor attitude of keeping everyone close to me, even the ones I know very well I shouldn't. Like venom, you slowly crept into a part of me and tried to cripple me. But let me tell you one thing, I'm fine and solid as hell.

It wasn't a tough decision to make, to steer clear your ship away from mine. It just took a little bit of time and patience. Disregarding your presence in my life, both good and bad, you've helped me maintain my symmetry. But now, to come to think of it, I'm ready to agitate this symmetry. I always told myself that I will always keep offering my share of support until none of it is left, but I know what emptiness is, and it's scary.

Now, I'm glad to inform you that you have helped me realise the difference between being genuine and being virtuous. You've encouraged me endlessly to observe and distinguish between the fine line in a very limited time frame and I'm sorry it was you.

I apologise terribly, as you mistook my gentle demeanour for "Hey you can do whatever you want with me but I'll never figure it out anyway." It's my fault that you thought I didn't know about torn pages, which can be glued together to make it complete again; but the patches will still remain. 

I know you took my company for granted and I don't know if my absence will affect you - but I learnt to let go and no longer care. Don't get me wrong, but your presence or absence from my life is not going to bother me at all. Sometimes you've got to just pull the strings and go a little overboard; that's exactly what life's all about. 

Apart from that, you've also witnessed me hit rock bottom several times, and how I grew stronger and stronger. But you never deserved to see me that way because you never cared.I thought, for once, that after all the things I've done for you, from helping you in almost all the tests, assisting you with several assignments, to introducing you to my set of friends and letting you communicate with them. But what have you done? Filled their thoughts about me with utmost negativity, ruined me in ways I couldn't imagine. Oh, you mysterious human, I accept I never knew anything about you because you always made it about "others" and not "us", but I know one thing for sure- That you'll never ever find a good company because you want to break them apart.

Now that I'll be moving to a different place very soon, I won't get to see your face and that makes me very content. This particular year you've taught me many things and I'm thankful I had you for a brief period in my life.

I hope that in the coming year you like the "new" atmosphere around you, the kind of people you've always wanted to be with, the attention and the glories. I also hope you try to start staying out of others' ways and not striking your opinions in the middle just because you think you were brought up in an "ideal" way. All I want is the best for you and me so it'll be good if you avoid colliding with my comet ever again.  

With love.

The author's comments:

This is something about fake friendships and how they slowly tried to break me apart.

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