Kids Being Kids

February 27, 2018
By Phl.RamilJr BRONZE, Sacramento, California
Phl.RamilJr BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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When i was in the Philippines I’m not a perfect student me and my friend Taylor will always do something stupid we usually get caught and get in trouble for it but one day when Taylor and I decided that it’s a good idea to come at midnight in our school to draw some inappropriate stuff inside the principal office and all over the wall of the teacher we hate. The next morning they made an announcement about the incident and called 5 students, Me,Taylor, and 3 random kids. They ask us questions who did it and they said that if we come off clean we won’t get in trouble and we got until lunch to come out clean, but obviously me and Taylor know that’s a lie and we will get in trouble if we admit it so we come up with a plan as we’re walking down the hallway and blame it to 2 kids that also gets in trouble a lot. As lunch came we went inside the office and immediately 3 staff of the school gave us the look like they know we did it. We talk to the principal and told him that it was Kenneth and Michael but then they showed us a recording of the camera and it shows in the video that Taylor taking his mask off and spray painting the wall. We got caught and  got expelled, We went to the same school for 7th grade until i have to move back here in states.

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