Becoming Stronger

February 27, 2018
By Anonymous

My school time wasn’t so bad i guess you would say but  i stayed strong and didn’t let anything get to me . this all happened  in elementary,now i actually do something about it and also because i’m strong and people are afraid i guess. 

It was a sunny day and i think it was in the fourth grade i don’t really remember  but i was always bullied or name called  because of my fingers . they are longer than the kids in my class but that’s because they are fully grown. i was always called “ spider fingers “ and i hated it i still do but im use to it now but i still hate it . when i was younger i wouldn’t hang out with the kids my age well they weren’t really my age because im older than they are but they were in my grade, i would always hangout with the younger kids and help them out and make sure they were strong like me.  Now i don’t regret hanging out with kids younger than me or talking to the adults . the kids my age were boring and rude and didn’t have manners or didn’t understand anyone or anything. those times i will always remember and and never forget also because it made me who i am today it made me more stronger and i feel more confident with myself and now those people are either friends with me or they are scared of me, mostly scared of me .

The author's comments:

this is my story , remember if you relax and let them and dont let the words control you will gain strength !!!  your bullies will not only becoming your friends if you chose but they will become weaker and scared of you . be strong and wise , they will be weaker and less bold than what they really are . 

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