Becoming Stronger

February 27, 2018
By , sacramento, CA

My school time wasn’t so bad i guess you would say but  i stayed strong and didn’t let anything get to me . this all happened  in elementary,now i actually do something about it and also because i’m strong and people are afraid i guess. 

It was a sunny day and i think it was in the fourth grade i don’t really remember  but i was always bullied or name called  because of my fingers . they are longer than the kids in my class but that’s because they are fully grown. i was always called “ spider fingers “ and i hated it i still do but im use to it now but i still hate it . when i was younger i wouldn’t hang out with the kids my age well they weren’t really my age because im older than they are but they were in my grade, i would always hangout with the younger kids and help them out and make sure they were strong like me.  Now i don’t regret hanging out with kids younger than me or talking to the adults . the kids my age were boring and rude and didn’t have manners or didn’t understand anyone or anything. those times i will always remember and and never forget also because it made me who i am today it made me more stronger and i feel more confident with myself and now those people are either friends with me or they are scared of me, mostly scared of me .

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