Being Lonely

February 27, 2018
By KingKazma BRONZE, Sacramento, California
KingKazma BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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When my family moves I’m always lost at school ,but when I get in class some student ask “are you chinese?” when I say no I just ignore him/her all day. When I get use the school schedule some students call me chinese boy for some reason. When I got older I started to lose some friends when I moves to Anchorage, Alaska. When I got back to school I couldn't get any friends anymore like when I was just a ghost then I just started trying hard doing my work for school. Then I just became the loner that sits by himself. After getting my grades up some students started to ask me to be friends with them, but I said,“no, I would rather be alone.” Then I got used to be alone and just worked on my school work.

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