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February 22, 2018
By gracekisner BRONZE, Park Rapids, Minnesota
gracekisner BRONZE, Park Rapids, Minnesota
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I walked into an old brick building, I look around me and see many art pieces. There are many different rooms with white walls and old wood floors. Each room has a different type of art. I go into a room with colorful sculptures. Each three-dimensional sculpture was made out of  metals, but looked so different from each other. These vibrant sculptures were sculpted by Gail Katz-James.Gail Katz-James writes “Playfulness and interactivity is an important aspect of my work.” Her pieces have such a free spirit to them. The room made me content and happy.

Out of all the sculptures in this room, one really stood out to me. It was called “Hardware Quilt: Triangles.” At first glance, I saw a bunch of random triangles to make one piece. With closer inspection, I noticed so much detail. There are 28 small triangles, each one a different color. The vibrant blues, greens, yellows, purples, pinks, and reds each bring different shades  On the outer edge of each small triangle  there is a small bead. The beads match the color of the triangle. This piece is held together by wires that look like mini ladders. The yellow, white, purple, red, green and orange wires look sharp like the wires in braces. This whole piece is held together by a black stand with a black bar. The top triangles have metal hooks on them that attach to the metal  bar. The piece is hanging down freely from  it

As soon as I saw this sculpture, I was flooded with thoughts on what this piece could mean. My notebook paper was scattered with different ideas.

To me this this sculpture represents how different we all are. When I looked at the whole piece from a distance, I  saw a bunch of different colored triangles. Then I got closer and saw the details and how the colors and designs vary. This sculpture really shows to me how we are all different but live in the same world. We are all on this planet going through our own issues getting through life one day at a time. Looking at the big picture didn't show me any of the details of this piece. When I looked this sculpture closer I started to see different shades of colors and details I couldn't see before.

When I went to Jamaica on a mission trip I experienced this first hand. We stayed in a little town called Brownstown. In Brownstown they have a market reminding me of our farmers market except it’s everyday. One day after we were done working we all headed to this market, we were the only white people at that market. A few of us girls on that trip were especially stared at because we had blonde hair and blue eyes, which is unseen there. I had never felt different like that before. It opened my eyes to a whole new way of thinking.

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