Struggles of Iran's life

February 27, 2018
By Moneybags_iran BRONZE, Sacramento, California
Moneybags_iran BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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When I was growing up my parents kept moving. I never had friends till my family stopped moving when I was 8 years old. In a same city called Sacramento. When we did we didn't have the money to get a home for ourselves. My uncle helped us out and let us stay in his small apartment it was so tight that I never had a good sleep my mom,dad, and little sister slept in the ground with a thin blanket and no pillows and me and my brother slept in the ripped and cold couches. We were alls grateful no matter what because we still had a roof and there was always food on the table for everyone. The first time I went to a new school where the teacher judge me from my looks she thought I was a bad student since the begging I came through that door. One day I tried pronouncing a word but i couldn't so some kids laugh at me and from that day I get nervous when I talk.

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