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Big Brother of the Year Award

February 27, 2018
By Maliq BRONZE, Sacramento, California
Maliq BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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E Aloha Kekahi i Kekahi

Playing with my bb gun, my little brother, 11 years old, got a little to out of control with it and wouldn’t cough it up. Running around chasing him like Tom chasing Jerry I couldn’t seem to catch him, but as soon as I did grab him everything went left. As I pulled the collar to his Black Panther comic shirt he fired the gun and all of a sudden all the glass on the screen door came falling down like a waterfall. I looked and him and just let him go yelling telling him to go sweep it up before mom got home, but my little brother being the 5th grader he is was so scared and paranoid he was talking about running away. Panicking as my mom pulled up coming the house she seen me sweeping it up and at that point I had to just take the blame for it especially because it was my bb gun. I got cussed out and almost hit, but thankfully I had enough to pay it off and buy a new one. I wanted to kill my little brother, but in a way I felt like I did the right thing because who knows what would’ve happened to him.

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