Bike and Ramps Sounds Good to Me

February 20, 2018
By DillonB. BRONZE, Farmington, New Hampshire
DillonB. BRONZE, Farmington, New Hampshire
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Its about 3 places I enjoy going to. 

Chapter 1: Bike and Ramps Sounds Good to Me

   Everyone has a place outside that they will always love to go to and just relax. Everyone’s place is different. My favourite places to go is Rye Airfield skatepark, Dover Skatepark and Candia Skatepark. I enjoy going to these places because I’m able to relieve stress and be in my own world. Each skatepark is different. The Dover skatepark and Candia skatepark are both concrete skateparks and Rye Airfield is an indoor skatepark with wooden and concrete ramps. I’ve only been to these skateparks a couple of times but I still enjoy going to them. I bring my bike with me when I go to these places.
    I enjoy going to Rye Airfield skatepark because I get to be in my own little world surrounded by people that enjoy doing the same thing as me. I get to try new things and practice on the tricks I already know. I’ve been to Rye Airfield only a few times and it was amazing. When I was there I would try things I was afraid of. One time I was there I went with an old friend and we brought our bikes. As we went over a ramp On the other side of the ramp were two little kids we did not see. We were able to move so we did not hit them. All around me I could  hear the banging of people landing on ramps and the sound of wheels rolling. I did not know how to do a lot of tricks so I did what I could. When it was time to leave I had sweat dripping down my face. As we go to the car we put our bikes in the trunk and drink off. I was so hot and sweaty I had my head out the window to cool me down. In my head I would forget about everything that was bothering me or making me upset. I was able to forget everything so it would not ruin my time of being at a place that makes me happy.
     The Dover skatepark is another place I enjoy being at because it is a nice skatepark and it is another place I am able to relieve stress. It is the First skatepark that I have been to in a while. Me and four other people were there, I did not know any of them but I only talked to two of the people. My dad took me and my girlfriend. They did not do much except talk to me a few times and make jokes about me that I never found out. It has a wooden halfpipe that is about 6ft high. The first time I went on it I was a little nervous so I got over it and thought I was able to do it. I remember going up the other side and not having enough momentum to make it up the ramp so I bailed and tried to put my foot on the top but missed so I slid all the way down which was kinda fun. I got backup and tried it again. There were rails and and concrete ledges that I was able to grind on. As we were leaving I put my bike in the back of the truck and got in. I wasn’t sweating as much outside because it was cold but as soon as I got in the truck it was like I was in the shower. I felt sticky and gross. My girlfriend wouldn’t give me a hug because of it. I was so happy that I was shaking because my adrenaline was racing and it was an amazing feeling.
    The third skatepark that I enjoy going too is called Candia skatepark. It is right in front of a police station. All the ramps are concrete with metal rails. The first time I went there my older brother Jake and his girlfriend Lori took me there. There was no one else there so I had it all to myself, which was very cool. I had my first bmx bike with me when I went. I learned how to drop in and air the quarter that was there. When I got home a week later me and my dad made a quarter pipe that was the same size as the one at the skatepark. It took all day to make. Another time I went I brought a scooter. I would go down a concrete ramp then go up another gaining speed but the front wheel hit a crack and I fell forward and cut my knee open a little. When I was there I did not talk much because I was in my own little world. We were not allowed to bring food and drinks onto the skatepark so I had to leave my water in the car which got very warm. I was sweating very much and I was drinking very warm water which did not help at all. The feeling of the smooth concrete made every movement feel like it was perfect except for when I fell.               
     All three of theses skateparks are my favourite places to be outside. I can practice new tricks and I am able to go on ramps I am nervous about going on. I can achieve goals that I set for myself when I am there. I may get hurt but I get up and try again and again. I will always have good memories there because I can never be sad at a place I enjoy to be at. I have been to theses places only a couple times but I have made memories that I will not forget. When I go to theses skateparks my adrenaline is racing before I even start to ride. I cannot wait until I go back again. The sounds from all the places play in my head like music. Playing over and over again. They be annoying others but amazing to me. I love to go to these places so much.

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