A Lifetime Chain Reaction

February 15, 2018
By TreasaC BRONZE, Austin, , Texas
TreasaC BRONZE, Austin, , Texas
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“A STRONG WOMAN will automatically stop trying if she feels unwanted. She won’t fix it or beg, she’ll just walk away.”


What if you were bullied? What if you are the bully? Have you ever thought about it? It has been a world problem for ages, even centuries, but why hasn’t anyone figured out a way to finally stop it? People always say they want to do something about bullying and most say that bullying is a terrible thing that we need to do something about ,when in reality they may be the bullies themselves. Sometimes I think that people speak out about bullying to make them sound good or even feel good about themselves.

In my opinion, I feel that all bullying a chain reaction. Have you heard the phrase “Rubbernecking?”

Rubbernecking is when there is something on the side of the road and a car slows down to look at it. You may think that nothing will happen, even after the obstacle or object has been removed but scientists show that HOURS later there is still traffic in that area because earlier one car slowed down to look at the object on the side of the road. This type of chain reaction could happen in so many different situations, including bullying. One common situation is that the bully may be bullied at home  This may cause them to get their anger out on someone else which could lead to depression and even death. I couldn’t live with myself if I knew I was responsible for causing this misery on anyone.

I learned that millions of kids stay home from school everyday because of bullying.The information I learned really concerns me because bullying usually happens from the ages of 10-14 years old. As a 12 year old, I feel that most  kids are trying to figure out who they really are and since their hormones and bodies are changing bullying starts to happen.

I understand what people are going through when they are getting bullied since I have been bullied myself.At that miserable time I had so many questions, like “Why me?” “What did I do?” “Is it how I look? Act? Speak?” “Is it because I wear glasses?” Even after I finally got help, I never found out exactly why I was physically and verbally bullied.I waited to long to get help because I thought I could take care of myself, by myself.

I learned a lesson from this experience.  In some cases those who are bullying may be having their own problems. I’ve learned to not let it get me down or bring my self-esteem down, because I am stronger than that and I am  beautiful just the way I am. Consider that those who bully are maybe trying to bring you down because you are ABOVE them! I now know that God made me unique for a purpose and put me here to impact the world in a special way!

The author's comments:

I am a strong person with a fun and Happy personality! I was bullied in my first year of Middle school and really wanted to think about this topic. I wanted to reflect and get others to think about Bullying.

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