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The Family Clown

February 6, 2018
By zach11 BRONZE, Park Rapids, Minnesota
zach11 BRONZE, Park Rapids, Minnesota
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The Scholastic Pocket Dictionary defines witty as the ability to say clever and funny things. I can relate to that very well because my life is centered around humor. Being witty is something I don't want to be all the time. Being witty is not being a guy that can't take anything serious and is just a screw ball all the time. Both sides of my family have very good humors, like family functions are the best; it’s just one big joke fest. My favorite time of the year is deer hunting because when we come inside we tell jokes and sometimes we get so sidetracked we forget to go back out and hunt. Telling jokes at hunting is like seeing the sun; it never gets old. My jokes are like Minnesota’s weather one day they can be good the next day they won’t. With being a jokester there are goods and bads.

The biggest downfall of being a funny guy some of the time is I can't take  some things seriously. For example, sitting in class when something isn’t funny I will laugh. Not being able to pay attention for a long period of time when I have a good comeback in my head drives me crazy when I can’t say it. The other big reason it's bad is because some of things I say I think are really funny but to the other person they won’t be. That really sucks, especially if I make the other person feel bad, but I have learned now to think before I say anything to another person. 

The one thing I really like about having a quick sense of !humor and  instincts to jokes is the ability to lighten the mood. I did this all the time in football because the season didn’t go well and some kids got a little grumpy at each other, so I had to be the good person. I think that is why I got the leadership award because I lightened the mood. I can remember some of the best times I caught people off guard was just when coach Morris was yelling at some football players and I could see  it went straight to their head. When you let words go to your head it affects you so I would tell them a stupid joke like, why can’t a dinosaur wave back at you when you wave? They would sit there and think for awhile making them forget about what Morris said to them. Then they would guess and most of the time they never got it right. . I would then have to tell then no. it’s because it's dead that's why it can’t wave back.

Deer hunting season has to be one of my most favorite times of the year. Being able to provide for your family, but the most important part of hunting is just seeing who has the best jokes. When we come in around nine o’clock for cookies and coffee that's when the jokes start to flow. We sit around the island in the kitchen and just wait for the first person to start it off. My grandpa Bob is always the first one to say something and then everyone starts in. My cousin and I can usually never tell a joke because we are laughing so much. Sometimes they get so bad my aunt kicks us out of the house and makes us go back out hunting. Which is fine to because you can’t get a deer sitting in the house. 

Being the jokester will never leave my body and always having quick comebacks will never leave either. When my grandpas and I get together, it's all out war to see who can say the best jokes and have the quickest comebacks.. I usually do really well with comebacks and it always catches my grandpas off and they love it. I can honestly say I will never go a day without laughing, and if I did I would probably die. Being a funny guy is something I strive to do and I will always have some type of a joke for you to hear.

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