Pancake Face!

February 15, 2018
By AlexGallardo BRONZE, San Pedro, California
AlexGallardo BRONZE, San Pedro, California
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I don’t remember a lot of the times I went out for food as a child but I do remember this one time I went to Denny’s.  I was there to celebrate my birthday. At the time I was probably like seven or eight, I don't remember exactly. My mom and I were going to go by ourselves but since it was a special occasion we decided to invite my cousins and my aunt. The outside of the Denny’s had cement that had little rocks and pebbles  mixed inside of it and it also had grass with white and yellow flowers. The weather was lovely, it was sunny with a bit of wind. There was a line of people waiting to get inside.We didn’t really have to wait long. While we waited to be seated, my cousins and I began to play hide and seek, I remember I would always hide behind the Denny’s sign and so did my cousins. It was so much fun to play with my cousins.

After playing a couple of hiding seek games, we were finally seated. Every table around us had people eating and enjoying their morning meals.We finally ordered our breakfasts and they would always take a long time to make our food so the waiter would always leave us the little kid menus that had puzzles and word searches for us to do while we waited. Even if the puzzles were always the same thing,we enjoyed filling them out all the time.  We would also draw random things on the sides of the menu. After a while of waiting our food finally came. We all ordered the same thing, fluffy pancakes with a side of  delicious fruits and eggs.What made these  fluffy pancakes so special was that they had a happy face made out of whip cream and  colorful berries.  As I bit into the pancakes, I kinda felt sad because I was destroying the face that had welcomed me into the my birthday celebration.

While eating his face it didn't seem like such a cruel act because  he was just so sweet and delicious,that it would have been more cruel to let this masterpiece go uneaten. I then began to eat my fresh mix of fruits. They were all so sweet and juicy, it was a mix of grapes, strawberries, and apple slices. Like always I had to had my eggs scrambled and drowned in ketchup because if it didn’t have ketchup then they were not eggs in my eyes.  My mom always had to tell me something about this habit, “Why must you ruin your eggs all the time with all that ketchup,it’s nasty!”.Like always my aunt had to say something as well “Yeah those aren’t eggs any more” she told my mom “That's just ketchup with a side of eggs, I also can’t imagine that nutritional value Alex is going to get from eating that” and then she laughed. After we ate our food my mom had gotten me a surprise from Denny’s. She got me a cup that changes colors depending on the temperature of the liquid inside of it. I remember when I saw the cup my eyes started to shine and I had the facial expression of a anime character. I remember taking a cup of cold water and pouring it into the cup. It went from being  radical red to being a cool blue. It had my cousins and myself in a state of shock.

I remember my mom and my aunt laughing at us because our chins hit the floor. My mom  also told the people that worked there that it was my birthday and if they could sing for me. Which they did, they sang happy birthday. They gave me a scoop of ice cream  in a bowl with whip cream,chocolate syrup,and a tiny candle in the middle, it was so cute. My mom was the type of mom that loves to take pictures of everything, so she ended up taking videos and pictures of them singing to me and me blowing out the candle. I felt strangely really famous, it felt like I was being surrounded by paparazzi, it was such a satisfying feeling. It was such an amazing day and one of my most lovely memories I have  eating out as a little kid. After this we all went our separate ways and that's all I really remember from this mini birthday party.

The author's comments:

What inspired me to write about this story was my English teacher givng us this as a prompt. 

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