The Day It Happened Part 2: The Hospital

February 1, 2018
By ShaneN BRONZE, Berkeley, California
ShaneN BRONZE, Berkeley, California
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When the ambulance got there they forced my arm back into position and put a rounded pad under my arm and wrapped two straps around my arm and the pad firmly. Once they finished stabilizing my arm they started injecting pain killers into my bloodstream through a butterfly needle. A butterfly needle is a needle for kids but it is less noticeable and shorter than a normal needle. The reason why it is called a butterfly needle is because of the butterfly like tape that holds it in position. But strangely they put the butterfly needle into the arm I broke. I was being asked to inform the paramedics what had happened as I was being loaded into the ambulance. It seemed as though an eternity passed before the ambulance arrived at the hospital. When we finally arrived there, I was carefully lowered out of the ambulance and rolled into a private room. About an hour or two had passed and they started to need x-rays to see what they were dealing with. Once they got the x-rays about another half an hour passed as my pain killer pouch ran out. Another fifteen minutes passed and my arm started to hurt where they put in the butterfly needle. I looked over to the tube to see blood. Because I was light headed I didn’t know where it was coming from, but then I realized the blood was mine after it filled up a little more. I started spamming the nurse button and it took about 10 minutes for someone to show up, but when they did they instantly saw it and started to panic. Once they changed out the bag they needed more x-rays because they thought my elbow was broken too. When I was in the x-ray room they made me put my arm straight up, but I couldn't get my arm up by myself so a nurse helped me get it into place then started taking x-rays. But as they were taking x-rays I started screaming in excruciating pain as it felt like my bones were sliding down my arm. About four hours after the x-rays it was time for my surgery so they switched out my painkillers for anesthesia as I quickly dozed away. In the middle of my surgery I started to wake up because they didn't replenish my anesthesia, my mom noticed and alerted the doctor and nurses and they immediately replenished it. It was around 9:30 PM when I finally woke up. I had been detached from every machine by then. I started to sit up when I noticed I couldn't move my arm that much so I got off my hospital bed and almost fell over because of how heavy my cast was. A few minutes had passed when the doctor came in to check up on me, at that point I had started to feel light headed so I was handed a bowl and suddenly barfed, but I didn't barf out food because I didn't have food since lunch I barfed out stomach acid and water. When I told him about my arm feeling heavy he gave me a brace to hold up my arm. When my dad got to the front of the hospital they had to put me in a wheelchair and rolled me out to the the car as soon as we got out of the hospital I blacked out.

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