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January 25, 2018
By KatyaBlack SILVER, Dennison, Minnesota
KatyaBlack SILVER, Dennison, Minnesota
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Did you know that the average salary that a paramedic receives is lower than the average salary of most people in the US? Well, it's true. In an article from Salary, written by Kent Plunkett, says that as of October 30, 2017, on average paramedics receive a salary of $43,525. Most other people in the US receive an average salary of around $55,000. Having a lower salary as a paramedic than most other people in the US is a sacrifice I would be willing to take to pursue a career that I enjoy. I like to help people, it never gets boring, and it always keeps you active.

The first reason why I want to be a paramedic is because I like to help people. I like to fix and solve people's problems. I know how it feels to have a problem and no one to help me. I would like to come in and help a person work through their problem. Also, I like to control the chaos that is around me. Personally I am a leader-type of person. Telling people what they can do to help is something I would be good at doing.  Lastly, I don't like to see other people sad or hurt. I am an emotional person. Seeing people sad and hurt or losing someone makes me very sad. In addition to helping people, this career also meets my needs for new and interesting challenges.
In the career field of a paramedic you have to make important life or death decisions. If I was a paramedic I don't think it would ever get boring. I think it would always be an interesting career. Secondly, I like that it's intense. I am a very competitive and intense person, which are both characteristics of being a good paramedic. This kind of job is a perfect fit for me. Also in paramedics, there is always new and different challenges. I like being given new challenges and trying to overcome them. In essence, having a job as a paramedic would always be interesting to me and it would keep me up and moving.

The last reason why I want to be a paramedic is because it would always keep you active and could really help in the future. Being a paramedic would always keep me up and active on my feet. They are always up walking around and moving unlike a lot of other people in the US. Did you know that 86% of American workers sit all day at a desk for their jobs? This brings me to my next point; I don't want to sit at a desk for the rest of my life. Many people in the US who sit at a desk all day for their job often suffer from neck or back pain. Lastly, being in the medical field can always help you in the future. If you or someone has a question about their health you will know what it is instead of going to an expensive doctor's appointment. Also if you were around someone that have been seriously injured you could potentially save their life. I find delight in how this job can keep you up and walking and can be very helpful in the future.

In result, I want to be a paramedic because I like to help people, it's always interesting, and it keeps you active. It has always been my dream to help and save peoples lives for as long as I can remember. I am interested in this career because my cousin has been in very many car accidents in her life and thankfully she was never seriously injured. Just being that close to having one of my relatives in accidents makes me want to help people like her. I don't mind that it has a low salary, although having a higher one would be nice, but just having a job that I enjoy. In the end it's not about the money to me, but doing something that I love.

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