January 25, 2018
By elainadommeyer SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
elainadommeyer SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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I have always thought that it is crazy that I am able to bring someone into this world. One time I was scrolling through Instagram and I saw a picture that quoted, “I can’t wait to have a little child that is half of me and half of the person I am in love with running their little feet around our home.” After reading this it made me realize how amazing it is to give life to someone and have them be all yours. Experiencing pregnancy and childbirth is such an incredible life opportunity. Therefore I am very excited to start the adventure of kids when it is time. My major life choice would be to have children. These are only some of the reasons why I want to have kids, getting married so I can have babies, watching and experiencing them grow up, and teaching them from my mistakes for a good life. 

Before having kids I would like to get married. I want to give my children an incredible life, with two parents that will love and provide for them. Being in a happy marriage that I will know will last a lifetime is very important to me. Having kids is a major life decision, it will shape and change our life forever. Getting married is a big part in having children, and I want that to be my first step before having them. By being married I think it will be easier on my kids then having two separate families. Marriage is a major commitment but having kids is a way larger    commitment.  Having a family that is really close and will always be there for one another no matter what, is what I really would like. My kids deserve steady, giving, supporting parents that they can come to whenever they need them. All I want to do is provide my kids with a loving and stable life. My parents have given me so much and all I would like to do is give the same for my own kids. By providing them with everything needed, I will be able to watch them throughout their life while they succeed.

Watching my own children grow up is a big part in life. I will be their mom through everything, supporting and helping them through all their decisions. Just knowing that I will be there throughout their life, watching them blossom as they grow older amazes me. I want to see how they transition into a young adult from their little silly self. I know they will have some struggles, but I can’t wait to help them through it all and be their shoulder to cry on. Getting to see them change from everything, and being there for it all is the biggest part. From being a baby to having a baby of their own. I never think time goes by fast at my age but when I have kids, I bet time will just fly by. One day they will be learning how to walk and the next they will be off to college. Giving someone life and seeing them become something is such a great gift. I think every parent wants their children to succeed and they do so by making mistakes.

I still want them to make mistakes so they can learn from them, but I also want to teach them what I know. I hope to have a good relationship with them but not as their bestfriend, but as someone they can always come to. Being a parent will also teach me many things. Even though I have been there at a young age making stupid mistakes, they will do many things that maybe I haven’t done. Times will have changed by then, they will face many different challenges. Not only will they be learning from me, but I will learn so much more from themselves as kids. I may think that I’m learning the most right now, I will learn more about life when I have kids of my own. I wish as a parent I would be able to know if my child was having a bad day, but some things they just won't come and talk to me about. That is what breaks my heart, thinking that there will be days that they will just want to cry but they won't say anything to me. They will just act completely fine but feel so alone on the inside. I hope they can always feel like they can talk to me if needed. Somehow I need to make them feel comfortable with talking to me about anything and everything. Teaching them from my mistakes, I want them to know what I've done and what I've learned from it. So they can learn before they make the same ones I did.
Providing my kids with a good life throughout the years starts with two caring parents who respect and care for each other. Marriage is a big part of having kids and I would like to do that before I decide to have any. Watching them grow up will mean a ton to me and just knowing that they are mine. Seeing how they blossom throughout the years. Also teaching them before they make the same mistakes as I did. Helping them make their own choices as well. Deciding on how to say things the right way to make them learn or feel better. To then cheering them on the sidelines of all their sports and everything in life. From reading that one post on Instagram has made me know that I am going to have kids and start a family of my own someday. So when I’m laying there with them by my side, I will know I had made the right choice.

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