January 18, 2018
By AHS37 GOLD, Sussex, Wisconsin
AHS37 GOLD, Sussex, Wisconsin
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My values and morals are built off my family’s. We all have different minds, but we think alike. My father is a breathing calculator, while my mom has the ability transform an entire house with her design. The smell of candles and the warm embrace of blankets make my home feel alive. My brother uses logic and reason to solve his problems. I adopted all of these traits from them, although the design aspect may be broken. Even my animals have complex minds of their own. My cat uses his detective skills to pounce on any bugs invading our home, while my dog loves the outdoors and the wind flapping her ears.

My mind is molded by my family members’ personalities. Being the youngest gives me the opportunity to absorb new perspectives from not only my parents, but my brother as well. He showed me that following things blindly is not the way to live life. A person must develop their own beliefs if they want to truly be intelligent. This mindset has pushed me into learning more about life from politics to religion. My family all have similar minds, but no one is the same. We all think alike, yet we all have different minds.

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