My Classmates

January 17, 2018

My creative writing classmates are intelligent--all in their own ways and levels. Their intelligence is all unique and special and represents the wonderful people they all are.

First, I look to my right and see Zack K. Zach’s intelligence is hairy, but it is there and recognizable when you talk to him. Secondly, I look in front of me and see John Z. John Z is as smart as a squirrel after nuts, he always gets it done even if it’s not in the smartest way.  Next, I look ahead and to the right and see Jake S. Jake S's intelligence matches one of a lower level genius, and can be seen reading his work. Finally, I look to my right and see Alyssa W. Alyssa is as smart as all of them, plus myself combined, and it is not hard to figure out.

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