Mr Bird: A Life

January 17, 2018
By Lucakcat1234 BRONZE, Berkeley, California
Lucakcat1234 BRONZE, Berkeley, California
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“Chirp Chirp Chirp” said the Bird as he flew back to his home ( aka a big clump of sticks in a tree ). When Mr Bird got back to his home there was a package in his house ( basically a thing wrapped in leaves ), this was very strange to Mr Bird even if he had order a package he doesn't have Amazon prime so it would come in like 4 months after he ordered it ( a typically Amazon Order wait time ). So after all that thinking about the package ( which took about 20 minutes ) Mr bird wanted to open the package, But there was one problem he didn't have anything to open it with, earlier that week he ordered a pair of box/package openers on Amazon ( But like I said earlier it takes forever for them to come ). So Mr Bird was trying to figure out how to open this package and then he thought to ask his good friend Gerald for help. Gerald was a very... hmmm lets see how to put this.. Interesting, but he was smart enough for this problem.


So a little later after Mr Bird had some breakfast ( a whole box of fruit loops and No he did not just like them cause there mascots a      Bird,Well… maybe just a little ) he went over to Gerald's house. He knock on the door… no answer he knocked again… still no answer, he was just about to give up when he heard “ CHIRP CHIRP chirp chirp”, Gerald opened the door and said “ Chirp Chirp Chirp Chirp” ( In Bird language  that means What the ?@#$% do you want ) So Mr bird explained what happened that morning. So after he explained what happened Gerald thought of a idea. They went back his house and what they did the craziest thing, they dropped the package all the way to the ground and to their surprise it worked and guess what was in the package absolutely nothing and you know who sent it to him no one case he put it there… Mr bird!?!? Problem solved and Mr Bird never did that again. 


Ok come on I got kinda lazy at The end.

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It's about a bird 

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