South Sacramento, My Home

January 16, 2018
By Anonymous

South Sac , my home . full of the scent of fresh mangoes coming from from the corn lady’s mongonadas and the scent of pine trees is like music to your nose.  As soon as you step outside you get to witness children playing , and every teen is doing something entertaining. Everyone’s happiness seem to never end, no hate just love.


I wish everything I just said was true , but sadly it’s not . As soon as you step outside your house the scent of weed mixed with crappy cigars slaps your face. Children are happy , just not for the right reasons young children in South Sac start smoking at a young age . And teens don’t even go to school anymore because they like to follow everyone else , be in gangs and not show up to school . The only time people seem to be happy is when they’re high off the drugs that the young children are forced to sell . Some teens don’t even want to walk outside their door because of the ‘beef’ they have with someone else . Fear . There’s homeless people everywhere & instead of using the little money they get to buy food or clothing they spend it on drugs . And don’t even get me started on the air , sometimes you can’t even see straight ahead with all the smoke in the way , you look up and the sky always seems to be gray . There’s police sirens blasting through every window at all times of the day . South Sac is not a fun place to live in , some teens like to brag about living or being from south Sac, but what is there to brag about?

South Sacramento is not a good place to live in , although there is some good things about South Sac the bad things over power them . Crime rates are high , drugs, and gang violence is what people that live in South Sac deal with all the time . I personally don't recommend and don’t see South Sacramento as a place to live in. After all it is my home.

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