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January 16, 2018
By Babygirl21 BRONZE, Sacramento , California
Babygirl21 BRONZE, Sacramento , California
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My Sacramento home is full of the smell of Cake Castle bakery, baked cinnamon rolls, chocolate muffins, and glazed doughnuts. I live in a beautiful mansion with wonderful neighbors that bring juicy apple pies. It was a bright sunny day on my walk through the park I see people holding hands going into cozy and warm restaurant with their families and friends at South Villa restaurant  on a full moon. The weather in Sacramento is a glazing , golden sunny day where families go to the beach, go on vacations, and drink icy cold lemonade. It's within a 90 minute drive to the coast (bay area, beaches, etc) and the mountains (skiing, reno, tahoe).

Throughout my neighborhood you can see green, red-orange,and yellowish-red  leaves on the floor with sticky gold,brownish sap all around the concrete.  The neighbors around here are disrespectful,loud, low minded,selfish,and petty ghetto people.They walk around with no shoes on, kids running around throwing things at people houses, cussing at people and chasing animals with sticks. Here in my neighborhood you wouldn't want to live here.

Everything that happens in Sacramento is all a fib. The issue this city has is homeless people. There are quite a lot of panhandlers around  Sacramento. The homeless are everywhere downtown and in the suburbs. 


Panhandlers populate many major intersection hanging out in the divide with various signs asking for you money. Also California other problems unaffordable real estate for average wage-earners(35,000+for old houses in need for repairs). Light rails transportation  are dangerous during peak hours. Many trains have stopped in downtown area occupied  by aggressive acting individuals.  
Would you ever betray the government by telling the secrets and lies they was hiding all these years?

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