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January 16, 2018
By Abe_916 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
Abe_916 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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Sacramento, It's a very fun lovely place. I wake up to hear beautiful roosters crowing. There is alot of sunshine,  285 days of it in fact. Sacramento has a lot of interesting places to go to. Everyone in Sac is very nice with a great personality and big bright smiles. Sacramento is very green.  Everything in Sac is perfect.


Well I, I played you, not everything in Sac is perfect like I said. I live in a very silent and dead neighborhood but at night i hear ambulance rushing to the scene, cops chasing bad guys or the big helicopters looking for someone's child. My neighborhood has 2 different personalities , day time its like nothing goes wrong , maybe a few cops chasing bad guys, but nothing really happens. At night it's a whole different story, at night i hear gunshots like i'm at a shooting range, I thank god at night me and my family are home protected. I hear cop cars and their sirene is louder than a dj playing his music at coachella. Ambulance are rushing to the scene like sports cars rushing to finish first place.

There is a lot of problems and issues in Sac. One problem we have in Sacramento is teenagers dying at a young age.In Sacramento it counts as a blessing to reach the age of 21. Another problem we have in Sacramento is drugs, a lot of teens are doing drugs that can cause them to overdose and die. An issue we have here is trash everywhere, not badly it has cleared up within a few months. Another issue we have in Sacramento is air pollution, we use our cars more than we our legs. Another problem we have in Sac is teenagers are gangbanging thinking they are tough to please other person view more specifically the girls. Another issue we have in Sacramento is there is alot of homeless, I wonder how the government lets this happen but they can afford to keep the nice wealthy houses/streets cleaned and organized, but can’t even put the homeless/people who struggle in consideration.

Sacramento doesn’t look as nice as it seems, sometimes you have to look beyond the nice things of Sac to see the reality of it. All though Sacramento isn’t the most loveliest place, it is still my home where I like to hangout with my friends/family and still call my home.

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I just felt like I needed to voice my opinion. 

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