Sacramento, My Home

January 17, 2018
By nevaeh18 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
nevaeh18 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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My Sacramento is filled with kind people. You can smell the flowers as they start to sprout. You hear the birds chirping as you walk down the streets. You can smell the different food from different restaurants as your mouth starts to water. You can see the houses and nice buildings all around you. As the sun hits, it shines bright like diamonds. You see people running and walking throughout the neighborhoods enjoying the sunny days. There's the history all around that will always be remembered and never forgotten.

What I just described is just parts of Sacramento, not all places of it is like that. Tomorrow is not always promised for some people. Its sad when you turn on the news and there's another problem that happened like teens and kids disappearing and can never be found. People getting killed for no reason, making their families feel broken and hopeless. All these young kids joining gangs, making wrong decisions that can affect many people but still do it.

I wrote this because people may think Sacramento is this perfect city when its really not. I'm not saying Sacramento is a horrible or devastating place to be at. But believe me be careful where your at because you never know, you can be at the wrong place at the wrong time. After all I love Sacramento because its my city, the city l lived in my whole life.

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