Daisy's Big Game

January 16, 2018
By gracefoley BRONZE, Wilmington, Massachusetts
gracefoley BRONZE, Wilmington, Massachusetts
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Cool smoke filled the air from my breath. My hand was yanked forward. “Slow down, Daisy” I would call struggling to keep up with her. “Daisy calm down.” My Dog daisy wasn’t exactly what most would consider well behaved, but I still loved her. She loves to nudge up against your arm until your put it over her, and she’d manage to drift off into a peaceful sleep full of snoring in a matter of just five minutes. She's all loving and fun, until she sees a soccer ball that is. It was March, and my sister was competing in a soccer tournament. Daisy was determined to steal the ball, and the spotlight. Her eyes followed the ball for a straight hour, her mouth opened wide as she gleamed at the sight of an opportunity to play with the ball. “Daisy no”, I said. A man standing next to me was watching the game and I heard him say “Aww poor kid.” I looked up at the field, and a blonde girl from the our team was hurt. The soccer ball laid in the middle of the field, with Daisy’s eyes right on it. Our team earned a penalty kick, and as the kicker made her way to the field, Daisy wasted no time yanking on the leash. My arm felt a sudden relief. I looked down to nothing but a blue leash attached to an empty gray harness, and a bulldog sprinting to the soccer ball in the middle of the field. “Daisy no!” I yelled.

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