Being Cross Eyed

January 11, 2018
By jwjones22 BRONZE, Macon, Illinois
jwjones22 BRONZE, Macon, Illinois
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For as long as I can remember I have been going to the eye doctor. I didn’t know what for. Then I found out that both of my eyes are lazy eyes.

There are some disadvantages to having lazy eyes. I had to go the eye doctor quite a bit. Sometimes since my eyes crossed I wasn’t looking at the same thing. My eyes didn’t focus and you could tell sometimes.

Some people started calling me names. It didn’t really bother me because the people calling the names to me were my friends. I just insulted them back, but sometimes I got tired of being called names and I was annoyed by it. Now a few people call me a name every once in awhile, but I just laugh now because I got my eyes fixed.
Whenever I went to the eye doctor I didn’t know why I was there until one day the word surgery came up. I wanted to know why I might have had to get surgery. I found out that my eyes crossed. To fix them, we ended up trying glasses to strengthen them instead of having surgery. To this day I am supposed to wear glasses whenever I do homework or read, but I don’t really wear them anymore. The glasses ended up working and now my eyes aren’t as lazy as they were.

Living with it was sometimes difficult because I didn’t want to wear my glasses. I had some goofy looking glasses and then I got a nicer pair that I didn’t mind wearing. Now it’s not that hard living with my eyes because my eyes focus a lot better than they did when I was younger.

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