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January 11, 2018
By Bryant17 BRONZE, Durham, North Carolina
Bryant17 BRONZE, Durham, North Carolina
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Everytime I tell my parents that when I’m older I hope to go away from North Carolina, they don't believe me. My parents think I will just go to college in North Carolina and eventually spend the rest of my in North Carolina. That's a life that I don't really wish to live. There was no particular place I want to go, I just want to leave.


There are a couple reasons why I aspire to leave North Carolina.  Almost everybody in my family lives in North Carolina and I hope to break that trend. Also I have always wished to travel but I hadn't been fortunate enough to go to many places. Before I was born my family went to a lot of places, all around the country. After I was born my family usually just goes to South Carolina, Washington DC and sometimes Florida. It is very repetitive.


I want to leave because some of my relatives are kind of close minded. My relatives either thinks I'm crazy, weird, or stuck up. My relatives think I'm odd because I'm a little introverted. I don't like to make conversations with them and I hate to take family pictures. My mom says I have a disorder just because I don't talk a lot. Some of my cousins think I'm stuck up because I go to private school. Also I do things that they that they call “white”, like skateboarding. One time my family went on a vacation to Florida and decided to bring two of my cousins. The trip was during the spring, it was very warm. If you touched anything you would get pollen all over your hands. That really interfered with my allergies. During the trip my cousin and I had been arguing a lot but eventually escalated. My cousin and I were talking and he eventually said “you're not even black”. When he told me that I didn't really understand what he was talking about because I was very young but I eventually understood what he was talking about. It was very ignorant. I might be different from my family but I'm definitely not stuck up.


When I exit, I do want to visit North Carolina. I don't hate where I'm from but I don't think I should live with boredom.

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