Sacramento, My Home

January 9, 2018
By Raymond14 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
Raymond14 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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My Sacramento is full of the scent of beautiful trees. Our city is filled with a bunch of loving people, everybody is happy all the time, even when people are in a bad mood many people come in and make them happy by telling them everything is going to be alright always stay positive and be yourself. When you are in your house and you look out of the window you see a lot of beautiful buildings, usually you see old rusty buildings, but not in sacramento. you can’t find one that is old or even rusty.

I really don’t want to say this but. most of everything i just told you about sacramento was a lie.

now i need to tell you about the other side of sacramento that is not so good Well for starters sacramento is the most diverse city while other cities like new york city or Los Angeles are diverse as well and there is a homeless people around sacramento areas. Or even that the rent for houses are being raised up 2x the amount it usually is. And the police beating up people and even the homeless, we have many crackhead neighbors or people having to many red light tickets.

There are more problems in sacramento, even the things i said about sacramento it doesn’t even come close to other things i think are worst like how the weather keeps changing for some reason i think our weather bipolar or something.

In my opinion i really like sacramento. but it’s your choice to come sacramento and see all of the things our stupid president is doing so good luck and be yourself.

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