4-H Camp in Tar Hollow State Park

January 9, 2018
By Ja'Crispy BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
Ja'Crispy BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
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The writing titled “4-H Camp in Tar Hollow State Park,”written by Kimber C, talk about her fun times at 4-H Camp. I agree with my impression because I feel there could have been more detail and information on what could have happened during the time Kimber was at 4-H Camp. I cannot relate to Kimber’s experience at 4-H Camp because I have never been to 4-H Camp myself. My sister can completely relate because she went to exact same camp Kimber did, but most likely they never meet each other.  I am not surprised by what goes on a camp. My sister tells me every year she goes how much fun it is and how much stuff she does over the course of the week she is there. I see the similar thing in my town because a lot of kids in my town go to 4-H Camp, and they always come back with a huge smile on their faces. Kimber states in her article, “This camp has changed my life for the better. I hope it will change yours too.” This part of the article tell readers that since Kimber had so much, that they might have that same fun as well if they choose to go. I believe that the article could have been written better and have more facts and information on the camp and how the activities made Kimber have a good time at camp. I was not confused about the article at all.

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