The Philippines, My Home

January 10, 2018
By Phl.RamilJr BRONZE, Sacramento, California
Phl.RamilJr BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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You’ve probably heard that Philippines is full of happy and nice people that are ready to offer you a place to crash in. I live only a mile away from a beach that have a crystal clear water and a pure white smooth sand. You can hear happy music playing while people dance, drink, sing karaoke, and just have fun and enjoy life.

Hate to say this but all the nice stuff I just said only happens in some places in the Philippines. Most of the place in the Philippines are full of gangs and people who loves to take advantage of other people. One of the groups of people that take advantage are called “budol-budol gang” this people dresses neatly, look professional, and look like a decent human being in general but don’t be fooled because once they got their victim to trust them they will take everything that the victim worked hard for. All this thing can happen in a short period of time, Several victim of the gang claim that they got “hypnotize”. People in the Philippines are not as nice as other people think. Most Filipinos have a “crab mentality” which means if you’re living a better life than them or you have something that they don’t they will try to bring you down by either spreading rumors about you or by making you feel like you didn’t deserve all the nice things you have by saying some really negative stuff to you.

We have a lot of problems in the Philippines but one of the biggest problem in the Philippines is poverty, Most of the the neighborhood in the Philippines have little to no space it’s like living inside a box and most of the houses are all jacked up look like it was built before Jesus was born. Our second largest problem are the people themselves, A lot of them are just not a good citizen. They won’t follow the law if it doesn’t benefit them and will blame the government for literally everything.

Philippines is fun to visit but don’t be fooled by the slogan “It’s more fun in the Philippines” because vacation isn’t always end up in a good way especially if you’re a tourist be safe and keep all your special belongings with you.


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