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December 7, 2017
By , henrico, VA

By the end of the day I will have a little sister that I certainly didn’t ask for. She just sits there for a moment, and then she spills it all out that my mother just had the baby a few seconds ago. Those very few words had changed my life in a way.

I’ve always liked going to the hospital. Even as a kid going there for the bad reasons, I still managed to enjoy the visit. As we get closer to the maternity floor I start to wonder what is the rest of my life going to be like having this little thing following behind me. What is she going to look like, how small or big she’s going to be, is she going to like me, will we get along, will she be crying or smiling. We finally make it to the room carrying cards and balloons. There’s a room full of family surrounding my mom and the new addition to the family. I first go over to my mom to make sure everything is alright and my head is flooding with tons of questions to ask. My Older brother had already taken over my sister, talking to her and everything. At first I thought I wouldn’t be so anticipated to hold her, but I just couldn’t help it. I rushed him to hurry for it to be my turn to meet her. He gave his last little kiss and handed her off to me. For the first time I was holding my own little sibling. She was so small and fragile. At that moment I got so attached. Her little black curls gave me life. Her eyes were a sparkle of brown. She was just staring up at me probably wondering who am I. I didn’t even want to let my aunt get a chance with her or anyone else that was in the room.

While I’m softly touching her hands and feet my mom looks over to give me a “I told you” look. At this time, I’m not worrying about anything except when will she be able to come home with us. Sadly, my mother had told me she would be staying for another day or two before getting discharged to go home. Just a few years ago I went through this when my little cousin was born. I absolutely love the beginning stages of babies. Their smell, soft skin, little bodies just always gave me life. But, the thought of a newborn being in the house with us permanent is what made me think of it different. Well it is sort of different, but the feelings were still the same. The next 24 hours all I could think of is my sister. I even woke up extra early that next morning to go back up to the hospital again after nearly begging my aunt every second. I asked could I spend the night there with my mom so I could spend time with my sister the whole night while my mother get some sleep. I know she haven’t slept right these past few nights, so sleep is all she could possibly want. This was my mom third child, so she is used to everything that comes with having a child.

So, a couple of more days passed by, and she is able to come home. Ever since I left the hospital the first day, I’ve been counting down. It’s about 6:00 in the morning, and I have already gotten up so eager to see her again. I didn’t realize that I would still have another 5 hours or so to go. I decided to phone up my mother to ask exactly what time they would be coming. Since it was so early in the morning nobody answered the phone. The sun was still rising into the sky. I didn’t know what to do until then. To kill some time I started cleaning up around the house, but that didn’t last.

“Omg could this day really speed up a bit”, I’m thinking to myself while sitting on the couch. Minutes later my phone started ringing. It’s my mom calling back to tell me they will be here around 11:00. That made me fill a little better because it gave me a time frame of how longer I have to wait.

A car pulls up to the drive way. I look out of the front window to see that my brother had picked them up from the hospital. I wait for him to park and run up towards the car. I help take a few bags inside of the house. Once we get everything in I proceed to help get her out the car seat. She brings in the scent of baby power and fresh flower throughout the house. My mother checked to see if she needed to be change. There I was for the first time changing her diaper. It felt like I had wrapped a little gift of greatness. The size of the pampers reminded me of the ones I use to put on my American girl dolls. Something so little sure could hold a lot though. By then, she was ready to be put sound asleep in her new built crib. It was a pink and white polka-dot patterned crib, with an extended changing station at the end of it. The baby spent at least 99.9 percent of her day in there. I didn’t like the fact that her day consist of only 3 things: eating, sleep, and peeing. After sleeping quite, a while, she’d woke up to eat, which were 3 ounce bottles. I always prepped the bottles while she would sleep because any second she would wake up wanting her milk. There were a few times she would cry, but it wasn’t near what I had already expected her to do. The next day came and I was back up to do the duties all over again throughout the day. Only this time, everything was done better because I had to do every few hours. My favorite duty to do was bath her little body. Being as gentle as possible with soap slipping down into a pool of bubbles. Then, covering her with the famous pink bottle of JOHNSON & JOHNSON baby lotion. Her duties were added to my chore list. The only “chore” that was enjoyable for me.

From me going through this made me realize that I could be around this type of environment on an everyday basis. I want to be the one to come in and check on the parent asking is everything going ok. I want to be the one to check the baby’s vitals, and the one to talk the nervousness out of people. Turning it to be something excited for, and not scared and nerve wrecking. Also, I could actually get paid for doing something that I really love to do. I know it comes with other tasks to such as giving advice to new to be parents and the whole other 9 yards, but I will be willing to learn. After all, I wouldn’t mind going to college learning new information that I will use anyway. Hospitals need nurses every day, all over the world. There’s never enough help. I feel like I could become one of the top nurses in the world. I believe nursing is the field I was meant to be in. Not only do I want to satisfy others, but make myself happy too. We all love to see others be happy. The joy they express automatically brings smiles to the person face who caused it. Which will be me. I, Tamiya, will become the hero of baby care.

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