Why Life??

November 14, 2017
By Brianna Molina BRONZE, Austin, Texas
Brianna Molina BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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Life is a piece of crap.

What if you could just escape your life? I would escape real quick. I love my family and my life, just inside I am dying. I am just dead. When you try so hard for someone to notice how dead you are inside.

It's hard when you never get to see your dad as much cause he decided to do something stupid. He left he decided to leave us he left my mom to go do whatever he wanted to do. He made my life this way i had to deal with the stupid step dad i hate him so much i love my dad i wouldnt want any one to replace my dad i forgive him for what he did.

But my step dad gets on my nerves for the past 2 years my mom and him have been off and on but she keeps letting him back. I have a question would you let a person back more then 4 times. No!

Why life?

Why do we have to try so hard just to catch peoples mind just to get them to notice you.
Just to get someone to like you.

So why life?

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