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Wish to Freeze Time

December 18, 2017
By ILOVE_FICTION SILVER, Chandigarh, Other
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I am 6483 days old, or even easier you could say that I'm 17 yrs old and I'll be turning 18 in the next 91 days. I might ask you, that how do you feel when you realize that time passes so sprightly. It's funny yet shocking right? it passes with a blink of an eye , it seems like yesterday that you were in 5th grade  sleeping at 9 pm exact , enjoying life maybe (?) , waiting for the time when you will grow up , no patience full of energy ,not a clue how cruel the world is , not a glimmer of an idea about the crimes , just happy in your own little world , filling up slam books of your friends so that you remain in contact with them, thinking that you will remember them forever and not having an iota of knowledge that only a few, or maybe not even one will be in contact with you in future  ?
Maybe life was easier back then when mobile phones were not that fad and you actually went outside for play. The swings, the parks, the rides, oh how I miss them. How I miss the little family time we had, how we enjoyed school and read Harry Potter to bed. Believed in magic and actually tried the wingarduim leviosa, ( how many of you did that well I tried all the spells).

And now I'm here writing this at 2 am in the morning in freshman year of university, with bags under my eyes which I funnily call them Prada, funny how time passes isn’t it. Ever felt like you can stop time or turn it back because you are so exhausted ? or turn back to the moment when you laid your head and on your grandmother’s lap and slept while she stroked your hair. Beautiful the time was, back then. Remember the cookies she made and now what is left is her memories and the sweater that she knitted for you, that surprisingly still fits, and now the only thing remains with us is, memories, sad, bad and good and some are those which are etched in our minds forever.

The feel when you get when you open albums and slowly turn the photos, reviving all the memories and then you close it, with a sigh, because you know you can’t go back. And when you pass by your school, all the memories which you created there flashes in front of your face. Like a movie going on rewind , from the first day to the last day of school, the prom, the birthday parties, or the time when you sing in unison with your classmates on a friend’s birthday. And the extra toffees you get when its best friend’s birthday.

Good times happy times they were,
With a wish to go back
Just a glimpse I ask
To live those moments once again
All over again
Because once is not enough
It will put a smile on my face
I will have a break from this rat race
Oh, how I long for it!

I would not like to end this, because there is so much to say, a  wish to freeze time to enjoy this moment because life is going to beautifully tiring and I know there would be so less time to enjoy. Here I sign off with nothing but saying- “Feliz Navidad, próspero año y Felicidad”

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