The Magic of Music

November 30, 2017
By Anonymous

I am obsessed with music. Unfortunately, I can not sing, dance, or even let out a melodious hum for that matter. However, whether it be listening to my collection of over 1000 songs on my iPod, turning on the radio, or simply watching The Voice, I adore doing anything that involves music. Listening to music is thereputic. When I am in a bad mood, feeling stressed with school, or in need of something relaxing, music is always there for me. I enter a clear, calm state of mind the second I put my headphones on.  Mariah Carey's whistle notes and Whitney Houston powerful belts silence all my other stresses.  When I am listening to a four minute song or a forty minute album, I am transported into a new world. I become lost in this world, absorbing and analyzing each lyric, each beat, each melody. So enraptured I become that I lose track of time and want to do nothing else but keep listening to each powerful, sweet-sounding word.


I feel that my music taste represents who I am. My musical interests are incredibly diverse, ranging from r&b singers like Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston, to pop singers like Adele and Sia, to country singers like Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood, to rock bands like Journey and Foureigner! My music taste is multidimensional, diverse, and unique, just like me! I can appear shy and awkward, however, I also can be vibrant and friendly. I can be self-conscious and quiet, yet, I can also be confident and outgoing. I am more than what I initially appear to be. I am not one type of quality, rather, like the music on my iPod, I am a bunch of special and unique qualities, seamlessly weaved together for people to cherish and to love.

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