The Time I Got Stitches

November 3, 2017
By Anonymous

I woke up one day at my grams, in the extra room that she has. My brother was sleeping right next to me. He was snoring really loud and that’s what woke me up. His breath smelled really bad. He had that morning breath.

My dad called us down for breakfast and I tried to wake my brother up.

All he said was, "Leave me alone Keith."

I told him, "No we have to eat." But he went back to sleep anyway. That is how I got my day started.

I went down to go eat. Then finally, five minutes later my brother came down to eat. We were eating cream of wheat. My dad makes the best cream of wheat by the way. After we were done eating I took a shower before my day started. I had to wait for my brother and my dad to get out of the shower to go anywhere. The only reason I had to wait was because I was only seven years of age and my dad wouldn’t let me go anywhere by myself. After they got dressed and brushed their teeth we were ready to leave.

We finally were ready to leave. I hopped in the back seat of my gram's car. My dad and my brother got in the front. We all buckled up and we left to go get my sister. After we arrived to my mother's house, my dad went inside to go get my sister. My dad and my sister, Kayla, finally walked out of the house and got in the car.

It was a hot summer day and we were begging my dad to get us water ice. He finally agreed to get us some water ice. But first he had to get gas for the car. After we got gas from Turkey Hill, we went to Mr.Arron's water ice store. I got a cherry water ice, my brother got a

watermelon water ice and my dad and my sister both got mango water ice's. We sat outside on the bench to go eat our water ice. Mine was melting fast because of how hot it was.

Later in the day, my dad, my brother and I all went to Faxon to go bowling. We went in there and we got are bowling shoes. Then, went to our lane to go bowl. I was very bad at bowling so I need the bumpers. Even though I had the bumpers I still came in last. That made me mad because I do not like to lose. Later, we finally went home and ate dinner. After that me and my brother went outside on the porch.

It was night time and me and my brother were messing with my grams dog. Her dog was a Pitbull and it was very vicious at times. My brother and I were making it mad but we didn’t know until it started to growl. I got scared and I started to run from it. I was running around my grams porch when I had to stop and catch my breath. I stopped and I turned to see where the dog was and as I turned around the dog jumped up and bit me right under my eye! I was screaming and crying and I ran into the house to tell my dad. Blood was dripping on the floor as I ran to my dad and he knew exactly what was going on.

He ran and we rushed to the car. He pulled out of the drive way and rushed down the street and around the corner to the hospital. He got me out the car and carried me into the hospital. We were sitting in the waiting room for about half of an hour before the doctor took me to the back. The wait felt like forever, but I pulled through. I was so scared to get my stitches.

"Keith F.," the doctor said calling me to the back.

Me and my dad walked to the back with the doctor and we followed him to the room where I got my stitches. Getting stitches was one of the worst thing that ever happened to me. It hurt so bad and it felt like forever. After I got up I saw my mom and my dad standing there waiting for me. Then, we went to go check out at the front desk and I saw my grandma, brother, uncles, and my sister waiting for me. Everyone asked if I was okay and I said yes, of course. Finally, my dad took me home and I went to sleep, that was the end of my day.

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