My English Is Not Good

November 7, 2017
By School1235 BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
School1235 BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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One thing about my identity is that my english is not good


One thing about my identity is that my english wasn't good at all when I started middle school. I came to united states when I was about 11 or 12 years old. So I had to start like a kindergarten kid to learn the language. Starting to learn basic words like numbers, alphabet, colors etc . It was hard because I had to write essays and do the work others were doing on my classes  even If  I didn't know a word. And the first time I got my semester quarter report 6 grade my grades were low. For me this was stressing because I used to be the in first place with my grades at my old school. That's when I thought I could never learn the language or get good grades. When I show the reports to my parents they told me it is okay that is when I feel I did have support from families and friends. And that day I started to study really hard during summer so when I got to 7th grade I could know the basics.That appear to work my grades increased to C’s and later to B’s. I thought then okay I’m happy but I can get A’s . I thought if I studied double and worked harder I could have straight A’s and B’s. I was some times tired but I didn't give up. For eighth grade I moved schools to where I felt that teachers helped me more with the things I didn't understand and also I felt like I could trust most of them so that felt good. For Eight and nine grade I had A’s and two or 3  B’s or so. For eighth grade celebration at school  I got like 5 awards I got the most awards out of everyone in the  entire school. That felt good. For nine grade I got 1 for being the students of the year and most integrity. For tenth grade I have the highest GPA of my grade. So with all of this I feel like knowing english or any language is not the key for successful it's hard work and perseverance that makes a people having a better future.

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