We Are More Than Just a Person:

November 14, 2017
By TheBookWormInSociety BRONZE, Olathe, Kansas
TheBookWormInSociety BRONZE, Olathe, Kansas
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"Darling, you have a dreamers heart; you musn't let the clouds eclipse your light."
- A. Jade

We are more than just people:

There’s this feeling of nostalgia whenever I finish a really good book. I feel very content and in general, I’m left wanting more (but that’s the point right?). That’s how we should feel about every tomorrow. Every day that we live, comes with new possibilities, chances, and risks. These choices help us figure out who we are, what we’re meant to do and who we’re supposed to be. Sometimes, those choices can be a big jumble of grades, work, heartbreak, etc… We just need to figure out how to differentiate between all of them. However, the only person that knows the full story behind those decisions, is us.

I am a bookworm. Reading has always brought me comfort and excitement, which may sound a bit contradictory, but rest assured, it makes perfect sense to me. Books give life an entirely new meaning. Life means something to every character we pick up along the way, and sometimes we find a few with whom we closely relate… I can cognizantly visualize the entire story playing out before me. It’s funny isn’t it? How we can find ourselves in people and places that don’t even exist. Personally, that is one of the coolest things to think about. Our brain can create scenarios, people and places that we have never seen before, but it can’t help us pass a math test? Our brain’s priorities are seriously out of order.

I am an Adventurer. There are so many things in the world that we have no idea exist until we see it. There are so many places that we don’t even know exist until they’re discovered. All those great explorers had to start somewhere, right? They didn’t wake up one morning and know that these ginormous masses of rock existed existed just beyond the horizon. They went out and found them. Road trips or airplane rides happen to be my personal favorite way to travel. We have so much time to just, look out into the world and realize how many amazing things are just waiting for us. My mind is free to wander wherever my heart desires, which is essentially everywhere. Just turn on the music, pack a bag and my camera, leave nothing more than a note, and just leave. The spontaneity and curiosity are what inspire me the most. I want to see the sun set and rise above the clouds, feel the cold droplets of water fall onto my warm skin. See the world. I am passionate about many things, including being obsessed with the world. I live for these moments that make up the best days of my life. And to think… those moments are waiting for every single person.

Last but not least, I am a Dreamer. I dream of a better world where peace, love, and acceptance are the rules that we follow every day. And not just for myself, but for everyone. I dream of magic. Not dragons and fairies...But love. I dream of finding “the one”, if he exists. I dream of waking up in the morning with the sun obstructing my view of everything but the world around me. I dream of being genuinely happy without having to worry that everything is going to fall apart in a mere moment. I dream of helping others. So tonight, as I climb into bed, I will have to rely on my dreams to get me through the night because tomorrow, maybe one of them will come true. And I can only hope that the last day of my life is as joyful as the ones that I’m living right now.

These three words aren’t the only things that I am. In fact, there’s still so much more I could tell everyone about myself, but I don’t want to run around like a madman exposing all my deep-dark secrets now would I? The point being, is this. We are so much more than people. We are so much more than what people can see. We are so much more than a label, and we are so much more than a person. We are the dreamers, the artists, the scientists, the teachers. But most importantly, we are unique. Take advantage of that and fight for that individuality because someday we may wake up, and find ourselves left with just that. Now here’s the real question… Who are you?

The author's comments:

We take everyday things for granted all the time, and I think that we need to appreciate what we have. We need to appreciate the life that we have and use it to become whoever we want to be!

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