Father Son Time

November 14, 2017
By Anonymous

 “What a magical day for a trip to the Celtics game.” “Ring, ring” my cell phone buzzed. I stopped and glanced at the phone. I noticed it was my Dad calling me and I was upset that he called me while I was playing a pickup game at the park. “Hello” I said tersely. Dad responded, “I need you to come home now!” I was having flashback to what I did before I went to the park to see why I was in trouble.  I rode my bike home in break neck speed so I would not get into any more trouble. Not every phone call is bad.


Then I got home from riding my bike with my friend from the park, I saw my Dad. I asked him,”Why did I need to come home?” He said,” Just go take a quick shower.” So I told my friend that I have to go somewhere with my Dad. As he was leaving, I brought my bike into my basement. I quickly took a shower and got ready to leave with my Dad. During the truck ride he told me that we were going to the Celtics game, but first we had to go to my uncle’s house to get the tickets. I was so excited that I was nearly jumping out of my seat.

After we picked up the tickets, we headed to Boston in my Dad’s truck. In the truck my Dad and I were talking about seeing the players and how different it will be from seeing it on tv to actually seeing the game with your own eyes. Also,  we were talking about who are we going to see play. I was so happy to go to the Celtics game with my Dad.

At first I was mad that my Dad called me while I was playing basketball with my friends until my Dad told me we are going to the Celtics game. I was really excited that I couldn’t even stay still just  to go to the Celtics game for my first time.

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