Listen the First Time

November 13, 2017
By Anonymous

It was a dark and windy Friday night, the kind of night when you could hear the leaves rustling in the trees. My sister was asked earlier that week by our neighbors to feed their cat. My sister was putting her shoes on when I decided to join her on her exciting adventure. Recently my mom had bought pepper spray for some weird safety reason even though we already have a sword but that's a different story. At this moment in time I hadn’t put my hands on the can of pepper spray, yet. So before we left the house, I decided to grab the can and hide it in my pocket. As we left the house, we felt the cool air outside. I pulled the spray out of my pocket and sprayed it a few times on the ground.

“Stop it,” said my sister.

Obviously, I felt so cool with such power and I didn't listen to her. I decided to spray it one more time straight ahead of us. It was a windy night and fairly cold. There happened to be a gust of wind blowing towards us at the same moment I had sprayed the can and the spray flew right back at me and straight into my eyes. A small portion of the spray had gotten in my now angry sister's eyes.  

When we got to the neighbor’s house, I ran frantically to the sink. I turned on the faucet and put some water in my eye. By now the heat of the spray had worn off for my sister so she carried on and fed the cat. I continued to whine in pain and keep putting water in my eye.

As I wobbled home with my sister she look up on her phone how to ease the pain. By the time we had reached the door to my house my sister said to me “Milk.”


I laughed the best I could. So when we got to the kitchen my sister poured me a bowl of milk, which I then stuck my face into. We had few good laughs and my sister took some great high quality pictures of my face in a bowl of milk. We had a fun time in the end but before that my eyes burned, stung, and there was nothing I could have done make the pain go away, for a long time. I learned that I should have listened to my sister the first time so that I wouldn't have to have gone through that pain.

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