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November 13, 2017
By thejrosen BRONZE, Grafton, Massachusetts
thejrosen BRONZE, Grafton, Massachusetts
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Drawing is my hobby, interest, and my talent. I have been sort of interested in visual and appearances basically forever, so it’s no surprise that drawing is what I’m into. In my opinion, whether you draw on printer paper, on a sketchbook, or (especially for me,) a tablet art is amazing! Today I use my iPad Pro to draw, but like just about everyone else I started on paper.


I have loved drawing since I was six, just drawing weird doodlie things with markers that I claimed were superheroes. I drew like that for years. I took my markers, and drew.

“Look I drew Batman!"

I kept drawing a lot more. When I was nine, I made my own comics with a ton of paper I stapled together; I put the same weird doodlie people in it, except they were saying and doing stuff only I would find funny, like weird inside jokes. I spent hours and days on end drawing my comics and pictures of all my characters. At this point I was drawing with my Sharpies, not the best choice of material, (most comic artists use pencils, then ink.) But I thought it was good. At school I was constantly putting art and doodles in my work books. Some of my teachers hated it, some didn’t mind. For example, my fifth grade math notebook was more of a creative sketchbook.


When I was ten, I started to get more serious about drawing. I started to collect comics, and I read so many of them. I was obsessed. I started to look at my comics more closely; man I love that art. I started to watch YouTube videos about how to draw, and how comics are made. There is the penciler, who comes with pencil and draws what the writer put down, next there’s the inker, who uses ink and goes over the pencil, to make it comic ready. The last job is the colorist, that’s who puts the color in the book.


The first time I took an art class I was really amazed. I was eleven years old, and the class I was taking was manga. Manga in Japanese means comicbook. In the class we learned how to draw in the the style, and we made a comic with a story with what we had learned. I don’t draw the manga/anime art style, but some elements helped me to this day, for example, the rough of how to construct the human anatomy. I did many more art classes afterwards, my favorites were digital comics, comic making, and drawing and painting.


When I am grown up I want to be a comic book penciler, and inker. I really am passionate about this, and I hope to succeed. I don’t know how the comic industry will be in ten or more years, but if it’s like now, then I hope that I’ll start small, with Dark Horse Comics, or Image Comics. Then I might  make my way up to Marvel or DC Comics. I’ll give you an example; a lot of artists that founded Image Comics in the 90’s worked at Marvel prior to Image, and now a lot of them work at DC. So they did work their way from Marvel, to Image, to currently DC.


In conclusion, I really want to be in the comic business when I am older. I’m pretty sure that since I could hold a writing utensil, I wanted to have some sort of job as an artist.

It will definitely be a great job for me. I love to draw, and I love comics, and superheros. I guess I’ll just have to keep drawing, and hope to get better every day, so I have a better chance at working in the comic industry.

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My Journey/opinion for my drawing.

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