The Fight of My Life

November 13, 2017
By Anonymous

My brother challenged me to a foam sword fight, but I told him "I have to take a shower." I close the door and open the window to the balcony and climbed through the window. I went to the left and looked down it was a straight drop down so I turned around and went to the right and as I looked down I said "Oh come on where is the ladder.

"So where are the foam swords." asked my brother as he stared at me "you know where they are don't you."
I said "Uh no" as I started to search for the swords.
As I searched my room my mom came up and asked "what are you doing" 
"Searching for my swords do u know where they are?" 
"hmm I think I do follow me." As she walked down the stairs.
As we reached the bottom of the stairs my mom said "I almost forgot it's lunch time"
I yelled "yay" as I ran to the kitchen.

As I ate my lunch my nephew comes and tries to think of a plan for the "war of kingdom" that we play with our imagination.

"Yeah umm I won't need to do that".
"Yeah right come on you have to practice" said my nephew.
"No I don't"
"Yes you do" yelled my nephew

During lunch time I ran to my room and grabbed my tablet I searched for ways to block a sword and 1 thing came up. I practiced what it said. My brother came up stairs looking for me and said " where are you bro "so I went under my dresser. 2 things I noticed while I was under their was it was raining outside and my swords were outside as well. 

My mom has a pan mixing pancake batter and as she poured the batter she yelled "supper".
"Oh come on" yelled my brother as he ran down stairs and outback.

As I ran down stairs I made sure my brother didn't see me. When I reached the kitchen I whispered to my mom and told her what was happening. She helped me by showing me a great spot to fight him.

"Ok time to fight" said my brother as he grabbed a sword.
As I showed him where we would fight I got a sword and said "I remember when you brought these home".
"Same here" said my brother.
I said "Yeah those where the good times" as we got outback.
"I wonder who will win" said my brother as we climbed on the table.
Out of nowhere he grabbed a shield and came running at me.
"you know I'll win right" said my brother as he swung his sword.
"Over my dead body" as I swung my sword and he raised his shield to block.
"Whoo hoo go Malachi" yelled my mom.
"Yeah go tony" yelled my dad and nephew.
As I got pushed back to the edge of the table I yelled a random word I threw him off as he swung sword and swapped places with him.
We fought and fought but he only pushed me back little by little.
"Are you just going to block or are you going to fight me Malachi".
As I said "yes" I started push him back halfway and disarm him.
My dad says "death match".
I disarmed my brother and he grabbed 2 foam knives and ran away, but threw them at me.
As I was about to end it my mom and dad yelled break.
"Really I was going to win".
"Yeah snack break" said my mom.
"Umm can you guys hurry up I want to watch the end" yelled my nephew.
"Fine" said my mom.

As we grabbed are stuff I noticed my brother had a bow and foam arrows which is cheating.

"Hey put that down it's cheating" yelled my mom, but my dad stopped her.

As I hid from him striking randomly one side after another my brother. First from behind then the left then from the right on and on.

"Maybe we can work this out" said my brother.
"Nope I don't want to".
"Anytime would be a great time to finish the fight" said my nephew.
As I ran in to give the final blow I said "Fine I'll end it".
As my nephew ran he yelled "no please".
With one final swing I ended the match and as I did I said "yes victory."

As my brother was going to bed trying to forget this happened I had a victory party.

"Hey did you see that moment when he disarmed tony" said my mom
"Yeah, but did you see how he distracted him so they could switch places" said my dead
"No, but I did see when tony grabbed the bow and everything after that" said my nephew as he went to his room.

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