Six Flags

November 13, 2017
By Anonymous

I remember when I went to Six Flags with my friends from the church.

First, they went to a Roller Coaster and they asked me to go in the Batman Roller Coaster, and when I heard that  people screaming I said ‘‘no’’, because I was really nervous, so all of them asked me to take care of their backpacks and I said “yeah, sure”. I didn’t wanted to, but I was not going so I accepted.

It was a sunny day, 12:00 pm, I sat there with that backpacks and I waited for them. I was furious because they leaved me by myself with 9 backpacks. I waited there about 45 min, I was melting, and I was about to cry, so then I called my mom and she asked me “are you okay?” and I started to cry and I said “No, I am melting” and she asked, “Where is everyone?” and I said “In that big roller coaster” and then she asked me “Why, I didn’t go with them?” and I said “I was afraid and biting my nails!!!”  She said “okay hunny, have fun” I said “thanks mom”. After she hang up the phone, my friends just came from the roller coaster and they asked me if I was okay, and I said “ Yeah I am melting, but that’s fine”.

It was so funny at the same time, can you imagine me, in the Sun, with 9 backpacks and crying? It was really funny.

Then we went to eat, I ate a cheeseburger, french potato, and drinked coke. We just finished to eat and I said “okay, I want to try that roller coaster” and my best friend said “I know you can, just relax, I’ll be with you” and my other friends said “We will be there with you, it will be fun” and I said “Okay”.

Next we went to the line, It was almost time to go home and it was too many people, and we were asking ourselves, “ Why is too many people in here?” so I turned around and asked the woman who was behind us “Why is too many people in here?” I said, and then she said, “That’s because they are giving virtual reality goggles, so when you are on the roller coaster you use it, and it will look like you are in the space” and we said “Wow we are so lucky”, but we didn’t know that it had a time to use that goggles, nobody told us about it.

We entered on the line and we stayed there about 2 hours, it was time to go home, and the rest of the group was waiting for us on the main entrance.

Finally was our time to go on the Roller Coaster, and we asked “Where is the virtual reality goggles?”, remember, we just stayed there because we wanted to try the virtual reality goggles, and then the guy who worked there said “The time to use the goggles just ended, now just 7:00pm”

At that time I felt pissed, I stayed there about 2 hours,I was so excited to go there and use that goggles, and he just said the time to use the goggles ended? Outside I was like “Oh, okay, I can try it next time”, but inside I was like “WHAT? BETTER YOU GIVE THIS GOGGLES NOW, OR I’LL PUNCH YOU IN THE FACE!”


I was disappointed, but I said “We are on this line about 2 hours, if you guys want to coming with me, I’m going.”

Finally we went in the roller coaster, we didn’t use the glasses, but we went there anyway. I was so disappointed, and after that, I didn’t back there again.

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