My First Time Joining Cambodian New Year

November 6, 2017
By Anonymous

Learning new things has taught me by trying something for the first time you could make memorable memories you will love forever and this is a new experience. Well this is a first  time thing, I am going to do. It all started when I began to walk very slowly into that auditorium my eyes right away attract to the decorations all over the walls. They were so well made and painted and I found out they all start with a story. The colors I have saw were red which were on the flowers, yellow to represent happiness, blue for one of the colors on the flag and many more. I  smelled fresh flowers. I liked how the colors on the decorations were good colors that looked good with each other.

I felt happy that I have joined this club because I didn’t ever thought about joining a club that involves with dance. In my opinion I am not a good dancer, like I have no rhythm when music comes on. My friends convinced me to join “Cambodian New Year” because they have all did it and they said that I would enjoy it as much as they did. The junior instructors were seniors that were kind to us and they gave us a little background story about themselves also about the dances we are going to be doing. One of the instructors named Peter said to me,
  “You look like a good dancer, but I never seen you here before,”
I said, “Well I could disagree with you on being a good dancer and this is my first time here.”

He thought I was a good dancer because of my posture and the way I move which was weird in my opinion. While the instructors were explaining what this club is about us kids were just meeting each other and we were getting to know each other. Right away us kids picked a dance that we wanted to do, I picked the “Coconut Dance.”

I was inspired to do this dance because my dad in middle school he did this dance and my mom joined “Cambodian New Year,” but she did a different dance. We had about two and a half months to finish the dance and then to perform it in front of the whole school. In my opinion that wasn’t much time for us. At first I was very wobbly when  I was practicing because I wasn’t a dancer. As time went by I wasn’t dancing like a chicken any  more the instructors told me when you are dancing let your mind and your legs move to the rhythm.

While you are dancing don’t think of anything and let the music take you. The music was soothing like the sound of raindrops onto the sidewalk at night and you could hear the drums in the background pounding hard, but it’s a  gentle sound.

The coconut dance involves two people a guy and a girl and they are dancing together with a coconut in both hands.  They are talking to each other but with dance and they really don’t leave each other’s side. This is a traditional dance which I love and the beat went through my mind very smoothly.

The beat puts you in a mood where you just have to get up and dance, but you are not dancing  just with your partners, you are dancing in like a group. The clothing we were wearing helped me dance because it wasn’t these ordinary pants you wear everyday. These were made by the instructors and these clothes are worn in Cambodia.

The pants is slim and rolled and twisted also the shirts were similar to button ups but the fabric was more smooth. For this dance I found out I was the first person to go out on the stage for the guys part and I was nervous. When  I am nervous I could taste my salty sweat in my mouth and I could see little drops of sweat on my face because it was really hot in the auditorium.

The light was shining bright at us dancers. I was feeling excited and happy to go dance in front of my friends, but I didn’t like being the spotlight on me. Overall my friends were right about me joining this club and I learned a lot about my culture also. This is an unforgettable moment where I tell my younger  siblings about a lot and they are persuaded to join this club too.

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