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November 6, 2017
By Windsor BRONZE, Lincoln, Delaware
Windsor BRONZE, Lincoln, Delaware
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My Younglife camp speaker, Birdo asks,” Guys I want you to find a place on campus and have a moment of silence with God," In response I ran all the way to a pier surrounded by the wood and marsh. Then close my eyes to embrace the sweet melody of birds and the raspy croaks of the frogs settled in the marsh. When I open my eyes I am astonished by the sunset before me, looking like the perfect painting with gentle strokes of orange and yellow with a with a touch of blue and white to finish the marvelous painting.


According to YLexpedition there are Younglife camps across the globe, which means millions, are experiencing epiphanies, love, relief, happiness, and other emotions most people only get when they are adults. Younglife, a Christian youth camp organization explains that they help other people who are affected by natural disasters like Hurricane Harvey which are brought to Younglife to be relieved from there troubles with zip lines and beach parties. When I hear the foghorn telling me to come back from my world beyond time I wonder through the wood playing me a goodbye song, with woodpeckers as percussion and blue jays as backup. Once I break free of this “Narnia” like world, I notice the epiphany, ”A sudden striking understanding of something, definite by Webster’s dictionary.

ACA camps, an organization that reviews youth camps finds that camps also develop social skills and relieve stress in some cases people are driven away from serious problems like drug addictions. I had an epiphany that I was living not living, living but the indescribable living, like when you wake up from a dream and realize it was a dream or when you notice you had déjà. It’s incredible that those 18 words from Birdo changed my whole life.

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