The Individual

November 6, 2017
By Anonymous

When I was a little girl, I always thought that being different was considered as a bad thing. I thought that myself being completely different could've belong in this thing called being Identically alike. It was hard for me as an individual that had dissimilar perspectives on certain habits that others would just intimidate me for not being one with their identical group. This all began when I moved to a new neighborhood. That led me attend to an different elementary school. I was just an average girl who always do good deeds in school, habitually had an book up my nose, and consistently practice on playing the angel flute during my free time. I was considered as an nerd if you put it that way. However ever since I attended my new elementary school, classmate from my class who saw my true colors seen me as an very oddity person when it comes to being different from others around you. And those people were known as the bullies of the school. When they saw my true colors, they would literally threaten me by coming up to me with their mean designate looks, started saying hurtful words that lead my self-esteem falling down like an shallop ship getting hit a massive storm as it sunk deeply beyond the oceans floors, and messed around with my own belongings that lead them throwing my backpack across the hallway like some game of monkey in the middle. This lead the angle flute inside of my backpack breaking in half after I have retrieved my backpack when they were done with their so called playing monkey in the middle. My heart literally shattered into pieces as I hold both broken parts in the palm of my hands. It was the worse memory I ever had during my elementary school year. Ever since I faced on seeing my angel flute turning into two broken pieces, I stop doing the habits on which myself enjoyed doing. Few weeks later, people that attend to the same school noticed that my colors were fading away. An classmate from the class I was in, one day walked up to me during recess time and asked me “Are you alright? Did something happened to you?”. My heart fluttered from getting to have an person coming up to me and asked me this warm hearted question. I was pleased and answered with honesty. The classmate brought along their friends the next day and we all became really great friends. My self-esteem rose up like an balloon being set off into the clever happy blue skies. My true colors came back as it filled around me. However the people who were considered bullies we’re still into play. One day, I was walking to the bathroom and come upon with them face to face. My body trembled as I just stand there like some cactus. The bullies walked up to me with their same mean designate looks and started with their hurtful words against me. My colors started slowly facing away from my body as I taken on these negative impacts. During this time the classmate who first talked to me came out as well and saw these people treating me with disrespect. My friend ran back and got an teacher out of the room to put an end to this bullying. Together as a group went to the principal's office and got this problem under control. We end up becoming friends after we work things out with the principal. The next day, I was just going the my classroom in the morning as I sat down in my assigned seat. The people that were known as bullies to me came up to me while holding an strange looking black rectangular box. “I got this for you. An apology for misthinking you as an bad person.” said the one who was placing this rectangular box on my assigned desk. I took off the lid of this rectangular box. The moment I saw was in this box led me into tears. It was an brand new angle flute that was never been touched or nor a single fingerprint on it. “Thank you so much for this gift. This means so much to me.” saying as I smile brightly with cheerful joy tears. I treasured this gift and always played a song when ever we had recess together. I realized that even if you considered very odd to other people, it’s mostly people that only took the first impression and not actually got an chance to get to know me well. Never fall for the first impression you see off from someone. You’ll never know if your first impression can be a total lie.

The author's comments:

What inspired me to write this Nonfiction article is to express my feelings out the others and hoping to find people who gone though this stage in life.

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