The Car that I Drive

October 10, 2017
By Anonymous

    It's April 2nd, 2017, I finally received my first car. It is a 2009 dark blue Dodge Journey with a grey, blue, and yellow Michigan license plate on the front bumper. As I walk around the car, I see a orange, 30 day tag and two yellow, white, and blue Michigan stickers on the back window. When I head over to the driver's seat to feel out my own car, I sit down in a tan nylon seat thinking about how hard I worked to be able to afford this beautiful car my self. While looking around the car, thoughts are surrounding my head, and joy and excitement start to fill my body. I finally realize that this car is my freedom, and my happiness.
    The very first thing I do when I take a seat on the tan nylon seats is I look around seeing the clean dash board, which has plenty of compartments that I can fill up with anything that I wanna carry around with me. I see the crystal clear windows that sparkle in the sun, I see the radio, which is where I can play whatever song I want, whenever I want, and I see the thick, dark grey steering wheel that guides me to freedom and adventures.
    After looking around the car, I grab my black key and put in in the ignition to turn the car on. As I put my foot on the big black break, I put the car in reverse to back out of the newly, black paved driveway, once I get on the road I put the car in drive and I put my hands on the thick, stiff, dark grey steering wheel.
    While I'm driving down the bumpy road my body is still filled with joy because I'm really excited to show my friends and family my amazing car that I have been dying to get. As I get stuck at a bright red stop light, I get excited thinking about taking my friends to, waterparks with big green, blue, and red steep slides that creates lots of fun and laughter, I can picture me going on road trips with my friends seeing all of the cool features of places that we have never seen before.
    Finally as I drive into school, I'm excited for everyone to see my clean, and michigan out car. As I pull into the middle of the parking spot with a yellow line on each side, I turn the car off and I put the car in park. When I get out of my car, I start to walk towards the school, stepping on all of the dried out leaves that have been blown off of the trees and that spread out all through the parking lot. While I continue to head towards the school one of my best friends comes walking towards me, her name is Hannah, she has bright, long blonde hair and she has blue eyes. Once she finally approaches me, she is just so excited that I finally have my own car and we are excited for the amazing memories that are heading our way.

The author's comments:

If you work hard for something, It might come true.

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