Great Wolf Lodge

November 2, 2017
By dawsonstahl04 BRONZE, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
dawsonstahl04 BRONZE, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
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So here we are, on sunny hot Wednesday morning. We wake up get a shower and then get dressed. As we are getting dressed, I remember that we still have to pack. Our mom yelled "we have 15 more minutes till we leave" 
"We yell back "ok.''

We are rushing trying to get all of our stuff packed, we are just throwing our clothes into our bags. We don’t know where we are going yet so we are super excited.

As we are leaving are house our moms say's, ''Are you guys ready to know where you are going''
We yell "yes!'' 
"Ok we are going to grandma's house.'' 
'' Awe.'' 
As we are driving we realize that we aren't going towards grandma's house. 
We asked are mom ''where are we going because this isn't the way to grandma's house?'' She didn’t answer me for the next hour.

I asked my mom "where are we going'' one more time, and this time she answered, she said 
''We are going to great wolf lodge.'' 
''What is that'' we shouted. 
"It is the waterpark in the Poconos.''

We jumped up and down in our seats in excitement. As we arrived our faces blew up in excitement. We all were telling each other what we were going to do while we there before we got out of the car.

As we walked through the doors we saw many different pieces of wood. We checked into our rooms. As we walked into our rooms I picked my bed and jumped on it, but the sad thing was I that I had to share it with my little brother. Me and my brothers put our clothes away and then got our swimming suits on. We walked down to the water park, began to go get a tube and wait in line to go down the slide. We finally got to get on the slide and went down. As we were leaving I told my brother that I am done for the day.

As we got back to the room I changed my mind and told my brother that I wanted to go down to the arcade. So we asked our mom for 50 dollars and she gave us it. Then we split it to have 25 dollars each. We finally got down to the arcade and began to play games. When we were done with the arcade we went back up to the room and went to bed.

We woke up the next morning and got dressed and went to eat breakfest. When we got back from breakfast we got our bathing suits on. We walked down to the waterpark and we were the first ones there. So we ran, grabbed a tube and ran up the stairs. As soon as we got up the stairs, me and my brother raced down the slides. When we got down to the bottom of the slide there were like 100 people in line. So me and my brother got on a different slide. 

When we went down that slide and got to the bottom we heard our mom yell "time to go Dawson and Donovan." 
So, we left the waterpark and went to our room and got dressed. We started to pack are bags and we checked out of the rooms and left.

When we went to our car to put our bags in the car I realized that I was super hungry.

So I asked my mom "can we stop at Mc'donalds to grab something to eat.''
She replied "yes, because I'm starving too."
"Ok, sounds good.''

So, we went to McDonalds and ordered 12 double cheeseburgers for all of us. When we were done eating the cheeseburgers we left and hit the road. We stopped at a gas station to grab some gas and bags of chips and then we hit the road again. As we got home we took are bags and unpacked them and put all of our stuff away. And that is the day at Great Wolf Lodge.

The author's comments:

This trip was super fun.

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