School Is Corrupt

October 27, 2017
By chris_whiteley BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
chris_whiteley BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
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Living in a cruel world. We all can see everything is set up for us to break. Hearts of others make it seem the better, but the better could always make it worse. We make children go to school but we don't teach them how to have social skills. Instead we make them divide by ten only to find that we have calculators. Using our brain towards important things like being nice, being polite, acting mature, learning how to work a job. Work ethic is the only thing practiced, but, everyone went the wrong way with it. We are taught routine and survival, not positivity and how to plan accordingly for a project. If a kid sees a calculator while he's doing math homework, he's going to use it. He isn't going to try to work the problem out on the paper. Us as humans find things that make everything easier. It is only because we are lazy. A person that works the problem on the sheet of paper will get the same answer and the same "education" as the kid who used the calculator. I can prove this by telling my story of middle school and my first year of highschool. I went into seventh grade thinking it was going to be a breeze. It was, but ask me if i remember anything i learned. We should be taught one thing, not multiple adding up to one. For instance, i learned how to multiply in third grade. That lead me up to algebra in highschool. Why? Because I practiced those skills. I would like to be an Entrepreneur when I get out of college. So, I should be taking business, and a Language Arts class. Those classes will teach me how to invest into places and how to write to people. Not to mention books are in fact a way to progress and become successful. Tai Lopez. The one person I look up to besides Elon Musk. Reads a book everyday. He tells the truth about school. It is very much corrupt. My grades aren't average. I have got a "B" as my highest. Im not an "A" student. But who is? The people that are better at surviving. Excuse me but I have to get back to my Language Art class.

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People need to hear the truth 

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