Friday Writing: My Summer

October 26, 2017
By OliviaWebb BRONZE, Wyckoff, New Jersey
OliviaWebb BRONZE, Wyckoff, New Jersey
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This summer was the best summer of my life so far. The middle of June started great; I had great friends and everything about this summer was amazing. The day school ended I knew that this was going to be an eventful summer. I had a few events already planned for that summer. I had plans to go to Florida and Dallas for basketball. My family couldn’t really do family vacations this year besides beach day trips because of how expensive it was for the basketball tournaments. The beginning of summer was just relaxed and I hung out with friends, went to the beach, and I enjoyed being without much responsibility. But then July comes and the real world sets into play and I have to get my act together. July is when summer turns from fun into a business trip. First my mom and I flew down to Dallas for eight days and I played in the Adidas Gauntlet nationals in Dallas. My team came in third at that. Dallas was so much fun but very hot and humid. Most of my team’s games were in the morning or early afternoon, which was nice because then we were able to go out and have fun in Dallas for the rest of the day. One night after my games my team and I went to this place that was kind of like Dave and Busters and we bowled and played games and it was a lot of fun. But by far on all of these trips being at the hotel is the best. My team and I just sit around talk, eat, and play hid and seek in the hotel until the front desks asks us to stop. After those eight days I flew home for a week and I had practice everyday and at night I hung out with friends and relaxed. After that week I flew down to Orlando Florida for two weeks with my basketball team and my whole family. My team won nationals and the ESPN arena in Orlando. The whole place was crazy and it was so unreal. After we won we stayed at the arena for almost two more hours taking pictures, talking to people, and answering questions. After we won my family and I stayed in Florida for the second week and we went to Disney and Universal which was so much fun, I don’t care what people say you are never too old for Disney. After I came home I was sad that the basketball was over for the summer, but I was happy to be able to relax so I could enjoy the rest of my summer with my friends. The rest of the summer I went to beach a few times with friends and I took the train in and a few times. I went in with my family too. I hung out with friends, had a lot of fires, ate a lot of s’mores and burgers, I spend a lot of my summer outside with my friends. I really enjoy just being around people and talking and running around. So that basically sums up my summer; friends, basketball, the outdoors, and memories to last a lifetime.

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