Florida: A Utopian Society

October 26, 2017
By Anonymous

Have you ever dreamed of living in a world that was perfect? Have you ever imagined yourself living in an alternate universe where everything was great? Well, in 1516, English philosopher and Renaissance humanist Sir Thomas More published Utopia, a classic about a fictional island society you have been dreaming of. This utopian society Sir Thomas More wrote about is supposed to resemble what a perfect world would look like. Clearly, today’s society is far from perfect. Although the world as a whole might not be like Utopia, Florida is definitely the closest thing to it.

As I laid on my beach chair, the bright, radiant sun beat down on my body burning me to a crisp. The salty aroma filled the air. Seagulls were hovering over the beach, chirping and scavenging for leftovers. My feet were ankle deep in the sand as the waves crashed on my toes. Listening to music on my headphones, I took another sip of my smoothie, closed my eyes, and finally began to relax. My stress melted away like an ice cream cone on a sizzling summer day. No school, no obligations, nothing to worry about. I was not panicking and trying to finish my homework right before homeroom. I was not last-minute studying for a huge examine. I was not rushing straight to soccer practice or clubs after school. I was just relaxing. I was in a tropical paradise. Here, I was able to escape reality. The weather was beautiful, the beach was peaceful, the food was mouth-watering, and most importantly, there was not any rush. Everything felt slower. It was sweltering hot out as sweat was dripping down my forehead. Walking over the seashells, I jumped into the refreshing, saltwater ocean as the waves splashed on me. Even though I was far out, I was still able to see my feet in the crystal clear water. A gust of wind roared at me as I felt a cool sensation. I was able to absorb and take everything in during that moment. I finally realized that this is what Utopia feels like. Florida is Utopia.

One of my favorite places to go on vacation is Florida. From the lively environment to the tropical weather to the beautiful beaches, Florida is one of the biggest tourist destinations in the United States. It has a rich and diverse culture and is one of the few states that is warm all year round. From Disney World in Orlando to the shores of Miami Beach, there is a multitude of places to visit in Florida. No wonder why so many people go on vacation to Florida during winter and spring break. Almost every year, my family and I go to Florida for a nice, relaxing vacation during February break when New Jersey’s weather is too cold to bare. During the harsh and bitter winter, I am piled with tons of homework and assignments that I have to complete. Especially after a long and grueling winter, I am very excited and anxious to go on vacation with my family and forget about school. Once I step on the plane, I feel like I am leaving everything behind and entering a new universe, a utopian society. Flying up high in the sky, I get a warm feeling inside as I can see thousands of palm trees throughout my window. Landing at the airport, everything feels like paradise and life feels much slower and more peaceful. Unlike New Jersey and New York, the traffic is much calmer as people are not in a huge rush to get to places. Laying down by the pool or beach is the best thing that I look forward to when going to Florida. The food is phenomenal and the atmosphere is electric. Florida is my escape route from reality. It is a safe haven for me where I feel like I am free from all my work and stress back in New Jersey. Not just escaping school, but escaping everything.

My favorite place to go in Florida is West Palm Beach. The temperature is not too cold or too hot. The beaches are calm and the water is nice. My family and I most of the time stay with my dad’s best friend in his luxurious house. Unlike other vacations where we sometimes rush to fit everything in our schedule, we take everything slowly and spend our time wisely. Looking back at some of my favorite experiences in Florida, my favorite experience has to be going to see the El Clasico in Miami. The greatest soccer spectacle in the world: Barcelona versus Real Madrid. Two of the biggest soccer teams on the planet collided in a star-studded affair. Famous soccer players like Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Neymar played in the game. I was astonished that the stadium was so packed as thousands of people were at the game. The culture in Miami was much different than New Jersey. Everyone was cheering and happy. The fans were supporting their favorite team and wearing their team’s jersey. The game was exciting as both teams fought till the end even though it was just a friendly. Just being in the presence of some of the most talented athletes on the planet gave me goosebumps. Undoubtedly, I can say that seeing the El Clasico live in Florida was one of the most enjoyable and breath-taking experiences of my life.

Overall, going to Florida once or twice a year is one of the things that I look forward to the most. On vacation, my stress deteriorates as I am able to finally enjoy life to the fullest. For some reason, when I go to Florida, I feel an excitement that I do not feel when I am on other vacations. Going on vacation to Florida keeps me sane and gives me something to look forward to. No matter how many problems I am faced with back at home, my anxiety fades away once I am sitting on the beach under the golden sun. Obviously, the Sunshine State is the closest thing to paradise.

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