His Harmful Words

October 26, 2017
By ameliadelisle04 BRONZE, Milliville, Massachusetts
ameliadelisle04 BRONZE, Milliville, Massachusetts
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My best friend called me stupid.

This year my best friend called me stupid. He got a 95 on our math test and I got a 75, and he came up to me and said wow aren’t you stupid.When it was the first time he said that I said to myself it was like oh he is joking… But he would keep on saying it, and saying it. I finally started to believe that maybe I was stupid. Every Time I did bad on a test or at least when I thought I did bad I would hear his voice. Or when I got my homework wrong or one problem wrong

This wasn’t the first time I was called stupid it was  at my old school. This girl would always bring me down. Saying I was stupid because I had brain problems. I have been going to the doctor for over a year now. They never really diagnosed me but I would have little seizures that would go on in my brain. People thought that problem made me stupid cause I have to take medicine for it.

Through the past year I feel like I have grown into someone more than what I was. I am stronger in my math class but why? Because I had pushed myself, I wouldn’t say dedication but more self motivation. My math teacher has even told me that i had come far in my math career.

When I get lazy, I think to myself no I can not fail and I have to study.I will not back down from a challenge. Working to get to level where you want to be will be hard, but when you have a motive to get somewhere it helps you.

Looking back on the people who called me “stupid” or “retarded” now I just think that they were wrong. I am a smart girl. I may not get the best of grades as the kids who called me that. But they aren't horrible either. They work for me. I am who I am.

To get where I am now and still working hard with dance, soccer, and school work. I have dedication, but to get dedication to work through and get somewhere there has to be a reason to get at a goal.

Believing is something that can help you. Being called stupid and retarded was the worst feeling especially when it was in front of all my friends. But I thank the kid who said that because it turned me around completely.

The author's comments:

My best friend called me stupid. he knew my medical history about my brain. 

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